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<headline>The Rocket XML Framework</headline> 
<deck>A Framework for Creating XML-Based Web Sites.</deck>
<byline>Michael Floyd</byline>
   <dropCap>R</dropCap>ocket is a framework I created for generating your 
    own XML-based Web sites. Rocket's name is a play on XML's 
    success in virtually every phase of computing. In a nutshell, Rocket
    is a collection of skeleton XML documents, XSL style sheets, and DTDs 
    that you can use as a basis for creating your own XML-based Web site. 
    Using Rocket, you can transform XML documents and serve them to 
      Currently, Rocket is set up to...
   <para><link href="http://www.beyondhtml.com/rocket/rocket">Download 
      Rocket Now</link></para>
   <para>To find out more about Rocket...</para>
   <copyright>Copyright (c) Michael Floyd. 1998-2000. All Rights