1 <?xml version="1.0"?>
3 <CLASS NAME="help_coffee_type">
4 <HELP> This is top level of eCoffee application</HELP>
5 </CLASS>
6 <STEP NAME="init" PARENT="help_coffee_type">
8 Hello, and welcome to eCoffee, your virtual
9 coffee store with your favorite brands.
10 </PROMPT>
11 <INPUT TYPE="NONE" NEXT="#store"/>
12 </STEP>
13 <STEP NAME="store">
14 <HELP> Please provide your six digit customer number </HELP>
15 <ERROR TYPE="NOMATCH"> Sorry I did not understand what you said.
16 Please try again</ERROR>
17 <ERROR TYPE="TOOLITTLE"> Sorry you did not provide enough! digits.
18 Please try again</ERROR>
19 <ERROR TYPE="TOOMUCH"> Sorry you provided too many! digits.
20 Please try again</ERROR>
22 To complete your coffee order, you
23 must provide your customer number then
24 select the coffee type and quantity you’d like. <BREAK SIZE="LARGE"/>
25 Please say your customer number or
26 say help for more information.
27 </PROMPT>
28 <INPUT TYPE="DIGITS" NAME="CustNo" NEXT="CheckCust.asp" MIN="6" 
29 </STEP>
30 </DIALOG>