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   <headline>Building Web Sites With XML</headline>
   <deck>Latest in the Definitive XML Series from Charles Goldfarb</deck>
   <byline>Michael Floyd</byline>
   <pubDate>March 01, 2001</pubDate>

         <dropCap>B</dropCap><italic>uilding Web Sites With XML</italic> is my latest book, 
which explores the technologies, tools <bold>and most importantly</bold>, the techniques 
required to build cutting edge Web sites using XML and XSL. The book, which 
is due out this December, introduces XML concepts with expanded coverage of 
the latest XSL Transformation language, then shows Web designers, Web 
application developers and Webmasters how they can use XML to enhance the 
look and feel, interoperability, operation and maintenance of their Web 

This is not a theoretical discussion of XML, nor is it a case study of someone else's 
project. In fact, <bold>many of the techniques described in the book have been used
to build this Web site.</bold> More importantly, <italic>Building Web Sites with XML</italic> presents 
hands-on techniques Web developers can immediately use to enhance their Web 
sites. Most importantly, the book presents this information in a concise, 
straightforward manner that doesn't cloud the practical application of XML 
with esoteric theory.

<para>Below you will find links to the Table of Contents, additional 
information, and (in the near future) various excerpts from the book. I hope 
you find the materials here useful and that ultimately you will consider 
owning your own copy.

<italic>Building Web Sites With XML</italic>
<bullet>Publisher: Prentice Hall</bullet>
<bullet>Series: The Definitve XML Series from Charles Goldfarb</bullet>
<bullet>Publication Date: Due out Decemeber, 1999.</bullet>
<bullet>ISBN: Not yet available.</bullet>

       <link href="book/preface.htm">Preface</link>

   <bullet>Describes my involvement in XML</bullet>
   <bullet>Explains how I met Charles Goldfarb</bullet>
   <bullet>Defines my goals in writing this book</bullet>
   <bullet>Discusses what you will find in the coming pages</bullet>

        <link href="book/contents.htm">Table of Contents</link>

   <copyright>Copyright (c) 1999, Michael Floyd. All Rights Reserved</copyright>