Bring Quality to the Web

Although unit testing is common among developers writing traditional applications in C++ and Java, it's rarely used in Web development, where ad-hoc and largely untested changes to production Web sites are the rule rather than the exception. Web site visitors learn this the hard way, in the form of browser pages that don't render properly, error outputs from scripting engines, and other user-unfriendly messages. None of these is an unfamiliar sight.

ParaSoft's WebKing, a product similar to JTest, is designed to prevent this. WebKing can perform rule-based testing on Web pages to identify common problems with HTML (including structure and links), CSS, and client-side scripting code.

In the white-box and black-box testing modes, a Web site can be automatically exercised for maximum coverage, or according to predefined test scripts. This way, you can easily verify that your code doesn't break when confronted with unexpected inputs. You can also make sure your site does what it's supposed to do.

When using WebKing and a well-designed test setup, Web developers no longer have to wonder about things like whether customer inquiries are still posted to the database after their last CGI script change. A one-click test ensures that the site meets the specified quality requirements. Like JTest, WebKing is definitely a product worth investigating.