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Web Techniques: Justice for All
Justice for All
April 2001
Justice for All
Who's Watching the Web?
Much attention has been focused on patching security holes with software upgrades. However, as Henry and Lawson point out, the real protection will come from the law.
Can CORBA Sidestep Open-Source Licensing?
If you develop a valuable addition based on open-source code, you don't have to release it to public domain. Michael explains how to use oft-ignored CORBA for circumventing OS licenses.
S T R A T E G Y :
Legal Code
We've all heard of the long arm of the law, but just how far does that reach extend? Bret A. Fausett explains that sometimes it reaches across international borders.

Corporate Strategist
Mimi Rosenheim shows you how your business can take shelter when it's raining lawsuits.

Making Your Mark
Trademarks can help you stake claim to your share of the online market. Claire L. Wudowsky wants you to make sure yours are protected.

Product Reviews
Artesia Technologies Teams 4.0.

D E S I G N :
Integrated Design
Scalable Vector Graphics is up for Candidate Recommendation before the w3c. Will it be a Flash killer, wonders Molly E. Holzschlag?

Your Work and Who Owns It
Because a copyright infringement causes harm to the progress of science and art, it's also a wrong against society. Linus Kafka expounds on what he considers a criminal offense.

Product Reviews
Batik SVG Toolkit and Jasc WebDraw.

P R O G R A M M I N G :
Proxy servers control Internet access, but how you use them is entirely your business. Al Williams shows how you can do exactly that—block access to certain types of Web-site content or even to specific Web sites.

Programming with Perl
Randal L. Schwartz combines a module from CPAN and a little handy work to embed dynamic images in HTML output.

Presenting Content One Slide at a Time
Visitors want less work for more payoff. You'll capture their attention by using John Dimm's Perl scripts to create a slide show.

XPath will keep you from getting lost in your document trees whether you're using XSLT or the DOM. Michael Floyd provides guidance.

Product Reviews
ParaSoft JTest 3.2.

I N F R A S T R U C T U R E :
Everyone knows it's important—so why have so few companies invested in protecting themselves? John N. Stewart takes a look back to see what we can learn from the history of online (in)security.

Server Security: Layer by Layer
Make sure that your employees are security conscious. Jim Jagielski offers a model for keeping intruders out and your users in.

Product Reviews
Zope 2.2.4.

E N D   TO   E N D :
The Home Page
Editor in Chief Amit Asaravala takes a look back from the five year mark: We've managed to completely change the way we do business, yet we're still working 9 to 5.

Webmaster's Domain
Lincoln D. Stein discusses click-wrap agreements: You may get more than you bargained for when you hit the accept button.

California's power struggle reminds us that it's time to become more involved in the politics of issues affecting our daily lives. Dale Dougherty encourages us not to ignore the legal and political process.

Help Desk
Guest Webmaster Richard Yoo tackles your questions about loading balancing, form checking, and plug-in detection.

Is hindsight 20-20? Eugene Eric Kim reviews How the Web Was Born.

The Last Page
Internet privacy is but an illusion, and the laws pertaining to it may afford you less privacy than you've been led to believe. Michael Swaine gives the business view and the government view.

Web Techniques: Table 2 Table 2

Summary of functions for string manipulation.

string Converts an object to a Unicode character string.
concat Concatenates two strings and returns the result.
contains Determines whether a substring is contained within a string.
starts-with Takes two string arguments: If the second string starts with the characters in the first string, this function returns with a value of true.
substring-before Returns the substring preceding a specified character.
substring-after Returns the substring following a specified character.
normalize-space Removes leading/trailing white space and reduces extra white space to a single space.
translate Translates a string of characters.

Web Techniques: Table 1 Table 1

Operators for controlling step patterns.

| Expresses alternatives; for example, (emph|b).
. Selects the current node.
/ Sometimes called a step, used to compose a longer pattern.
// Matches all descendants instead of immediate children.
.. Selects the parent of the current node.
* Wildcard character; matches with all nodes.
@ Selects an attribute.

Web Techniques: Online Online

Anti-Cybersquatting Consumer Protection Act

Lanham Trademark Act

Playboy Enterprises, Inc. v. Calvin Designer Label

Uniform Domain Name Dispute Resolution Policy and Rules

United States Patent and Trademark Office

World International Property Organization

Other Intellectual Property Offices (in the U.S. and International)