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    The following mailing lists relate to the mod_python Apache module project. Users should consider subscribing the mod_python User Support mailing lists. Other lists are for people interested in helping with the development and debugging of mod_python.

    These lists are not intended for general python questions.

    User Support and Discussion

    Before you go further, please read Eric S. Raymond and Rick Moen's explanation of "How To Ask Questions The Smart Way". If you follow their advice, you will discover that this forum has many helpers ready to provide you with guidance on using the mod_python! Note: Do not sent your mod_python questions to Eric or Rick!

    Volume: Low to Moderate
    Mailing list information: Mod_python user mailing list
    Subscription address: with subscribe as the subject.
    Digest subscription address: None.
    Unsubscription address: Send an email to with unsubscribe as the subject.
    Getting help with the list: Send an email to with help as the subject.
    Mail-To-News gateway: None.
    Development Discussion List

    The mailing list is used for discussions about the actual development of the module. This is a advanced topic list for people who are versed in C and Apache httpd internals.

    Configuration and support questions should be addressed to the mod_python user list. This list is only for discussion of changes to the source code and related issues. Other questions are likely to be ignored.

    Volume: Low to Moderate
    Subscription address: (Not a user support list!)
    Digest subscription address:
    Unsubscription address:
    Getting help with the list:,
    Searchable Archives:
    Mail-To-News gateway: gmane.comp.apache.mod-python.devel
    Source Change Reports

    This mailing list is used to notify developers and other interested parties of changes applied to the master Subversion repository. As changes are applied, Subversion log messages are sent to all subscribers. (The list name is an artifact of the fact that we used to use CVS.)

    Volume: Low to moderate
    Subscription address:
    Digest subscription address: None.
    Unsubscription addresses:
    Getting help with the list:
    Archives: None.
    Mail-To-News gateway: None.

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