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A Zip file containing all of these slides, as well as the demo files for the example is available.

NOTE: Updated information about the technique discussed in these slides has been posted on the Solr wiki. Please review the advice/examples there before attempting to implement any of these ideas in a real world situation. The configuration examples on these slides are not recomended.

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Spatial Search Tricks for People Who Don't Have Spatial Data

Chris Hostetter

2013-01-17 MeetUp


Intro: Solr4 Spatial

<field name="zone"> POLYGON((9 33, 41 42, 35 4, 11 23, 2 15)) </field>
q = zone:"Intersects(10 15 22 30)"

Modeling Data With Coordinates

Time Duration Data

Semi-Common Problems



Area Intersections To The Rescue!

The big caveat here is that -∞ and ∞ are not actually supported, you must have lower and upper bounds on your coordinate space.


Totally Realistic Government Usecase

There is a demo directory with solr configs and sample data for this example.

Data Model

<fieldType name="days_of_year" class="solr.SpatialRecursivePrefixTreeFieldType" multiValued="true" geo="false" worldBounds="0 0 365 365" distErrPct="0" maxDistErr="0.00000009" units="degrees" />

Sample Data

<doc> <field name="id">1</field> <field name="name">Adam Anderson</field> <field name="rank">6</field> <field name="dept">astronomy</field> <field name="shift">1 3</field> <field name="shift">5 7</field> <field name="shift">10 15</field> ...

Sample Data

Diagram generated using a gnuplot script.

Query: Contains

Personnel on shift continuously from Jan8-9

"Find the senior astronomers on shift during the next alien eclipse to put them in chage of the project to observe it."

q = shift:"Intersects(0 9 8 365)" fq = dept:astronomy sort = rank asc rows = 1

Query URL using the provided demo files.

Query: Contains

Diagram generated using a gnuplot script.

Query: Overlaps

Personnel on shift sometime overlapping Jan19-23

"Email blast everyone who will be on duty during the alien overloard's diplomatic visit reminding them to be on their best behavior."

q = shift:"Intersects(0 19 23 365)"

Query URL using the provided demo files.

Query: Overlaps

Diagram generated using a gnuplot script.

Query: Within

People on duty for some period starting after Jan6 and ending by Jan10

"Find someone to courier these time sensitive treaty documents; they must be taken to the alien capital after the president signs them, and the response needs to be brought back before the next UN summit."

q = shift:"Intersects(6 0 365 10)" sort = rank asc

Query URL using the provided demo files.

Query: Within

Diagram generated using a gnuplot script.




This durration modeling as coordinates idea originated in a solr-user@lucene thread. See David's initial response to Geert-Jan's question and the subsequent followup about using differnt rectangle intersections.