Uses of Interface

Packages that use Uberspect
org.apache.commons.jexl3 Provides a framework for evaluating JEXL expressions. 
org.apache.commons.jexl3.internal.introspection Provides low-level introspective services. 

Uses of Uberspect in org.apache.commons.jexl3

Fields in org.apache.commons.jexl3 declared as Uberspect
protected  Uberspect JexlEngine.uberspect
          The Uberspect instance.
protected  Uberspect Interpreter.uberspect
          The uberspect.

Methods in org.apache.commons.jexl3 that return Uberspect
 Uberspect JexlEngine.getUberspect()
          Gets this engine underlying uberspect.
protected  Uberspect Interpreter.getUberspect()
          Gets the uberspect.
static Uberspect JexlEngine.getUberspect(org.apache.commons.logging.Log logger)
          Gets the default instance of Uberspect.

Constructors in org.apache.commons.jexl3 with parameters of type Uberspect
JexlEngine(Uberspect anUberspect, JexlArithmetic anArithmetic, Map<String,Object> theFunctions, org.apache.commons.logging.Log log)
          Creates a JEXL engine using the provided Uberspect, (@link JexlArithmetic), a function map and logger.

Uses of Uberspect in org.apache.commons.jexl3.internal.introspection

Classes in org.apache.commons.jexl3.internal.introspection that implement Uberspect
 class SandboxUberspect
          An uberspect that controls usage of properties, methods and contructors through a sandbox.
 class Uberspect
          Implementation of Uberspect to provide the default introspective functionality of JEXL.

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