Package org.apache.commons.jexl3.internal.introspection

Provides low-level introspective services.


Class Summary
IntrospectorBase This basic function of this class is to return a Method object for a particular class given the name of a method and the parameters to the method in the form of an Object[]

The first time the Introspector sees a class it creates a class method map for the class in question.

MethodKey A method key usable by the introspector cache.
SandboxUberspect An uberspect that controls usage of properties, methods and contructors through a sandbox.
Uberspect Implementation of Uberspect to provide the default introspective functionality of JEXL.
Uberspect.IndexedContainer A generic indexed property container, exposes get(key) and set(key, value) and solves method call dynamically based on arguments.

Exception Summary
MethodKey.AmbiguousException Simple distinguishable exception, used when we run across ambiguous overloading.

Package org.apache.commons.jexl3.internal.introspection Description

Provides low-level introspective services.

This internal package is not intended for public usage and there is no guarantee that its public classes or methods will remain as is in subsequent versions.

The IntrospectorBase, ClassMap, MethodKey, MethodMap form the base of the introspection service. They allow to describe classes and their methods, keeping them in a cache (@see IntrospectorBase) to speed up property getters/setters and method discovery used during expression evaluation.

The cache materialized in Introspector creates one entry per class containing a map of all accessible public methods keyed by name and signature.

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