class WeakRef

Weak Reference class that allows a referenced object to be garbage-collected. A WeakRef may be used exactly like the object it references.


foo =
foo =
p foo.to_s                  # original's class
foo =
p foo.to_s                  # should be same class
p foo.to_s                  # should raise exception (recycled)

Public Class Methods

new(orig) click to toggle source

Creates a weak reference to orig

Calls superclass method
# File rake/lib/weakref.rb, line 51
def initialize(orig)
  @__id = orig.object_id
  ObjectSpace.define_finalizer orig, @@final
  ObjectSpace.define_finalizer self, @@final
  @@mutex.synchronize {
    @@id_map[@__id] = [] unless @@id_map[@__id]
  @@id_map[@__id].push self.object_id
  @@id_rev_map[self.object_id] = @__id

Public Instance Methods

weakref_alive?() click to toggle source

Returns true if the referenced object is still alive.

# File rake/lib/weakref.rb, line 80
def weakref_alive?
  @@id_rev_map[self.object_id] == @__id