1.4.13 (2013-10-02)

Fixed:  BUILDR-439 - Fix java command under windows when supplied
        with extremely long classpath. Submitted By Tammo van Lessen.
Fixed:  BUILDR-394 - Fix release task with standalone distribution.
        Submitted By Tammo van Lessen.
Added:  BUILDR-678 - Improve support for gpg signing artifacts
        using a single method.
Fixed:  BUILDR-677 - GPG addon hangs when .asc files are still in
        target. Submitted By Tammo van Lessen.
Added:  Initial support for data source creation in Intellij IDEA
        project files.
Fixed:  BUILDR-676 - Rework Java::Command:java so that it does not
        reject the :dir option. Reported by John Roth.
Added:  Auto-detect jpa provider in Intellij IDEA facet generation if
        persistence.xml file is present and provider not specified.
Added:  Auto-detect jruby version in Intellij IDEA facet generation if
        .ruby-version file is present.
Added:  Improve support for auto-detection of ejb and web descriptors
        within Intellij IDEA project generation.
Change: Default to setting the "User-Agent" header to "Buildr-VERSION"
        when accessing http resources. Maven Central rejects requests
        without a User-Agent string.
Change: Change default scope of dependencies to 'compile'. Submitted
        by Ingo Schmidt.
Change: BUILDR-675 - Set Cache-Control to 'no-cache' when downloading
        artifacts. Submitted by Félix Enrique Llorente Pastora.
Added:  Initial support for simple integration of an asset pipeline.
        See "Compiling Assets" section in the manual.
Fixed:  BUILDR-673 - Fix the option handling of the MultiTest test
        framework to behave as documented. Only the framework specific
        options are passed to the test. Submitted by John Roth.
Added:  BUILDR-672 - Persist the properties field in the checkstyle
        addon so that they can be modified by the user. Submitted
        by Wim C.
Fixed:  Make the package_as_* methods public so that the methods are
        detected in Ruby >= 2.0.0 via the respond_to? method.
Change: Updated dependency versions;
        - rspec-expectations (2.14.3)
        - rspec-mocks (2.14.3)
        - rspec-core (2.14.5)
        - rspec (2.14.1)
        - minitar (0.5.4)
        - ci_reporter (1.8.4)
        - xml-simple (1.1.2)
        - rjb (1.4.8)
        - diff-lcs (1.2.4)
        - builder (3.2.2)
        - net-ssh (2.7.0)
        - net-sftp (2.1.2)
        - hoe (3.7.1)
        - json_pure (1.8.0)
        - highline (1.6.19)
Fixed:  BUILDR-668 - Specify File::FNM_EXTGLOB for include globs
        where needed in Ruby >= 2.0.0. Reported by Yavor Nikolov.
Fixed:  Ensure generation of buildfiles from eclipse projects will
        finds .project files in Ruby >= 2.0.0.
Fixed:  Patch Rake::FileList in Ruby >= 2.0.0 to match dot files if
        a .* pattern is supplied as in earlier versions of ruby.
Fixed:  Make Archive-related operations (e.g. zip.merge) deterministic using
Change: Update to TestNG 6.8.5.

1.4.12 (2013-05-04)

Added:  BUILDR-648 Add new package(:test_jar) packaging type.
        Submitted by Mike Pettypiece.
Fixed:  BUILDR-666 ZipFile.open modifies file regardless of usage.
        Reported by Pepijn Van Eeckhoudt, fix by Alex Boisvert.
Change: Moved to using TravisCI to test the Linux variants.
Added:  Make the location of the wsdl in generated source configurable
        in the wsgen addon.
Added:  When generating the GWT facet for Intellij IDEA modules, use
        the gwt-dev maven artifact dependency if present as the SDK,
        falling back to the existing behaviour if not possible.
Added:  Improved support for auto-detection of VCS dirs when creating
        IDEA projects.
Added:  Added support for SuperDevMode in gwt addon and upgraded to
        GWT 2.5.1 by default.
Change: BUILDR-664 Update Checkstyle addon so that extra_dependencies is
        empty by default. Submitted by Dieter Vrancken.
Fixed:  BUILDR-663 require 'buildr' fails for Ruby 2.0.0.
Fixed:  BUILDR-665 Java artifacts in build.yaml breaking ArchiveTask.
        Submitted by Antonio Pérez Barrero.
Fixed:  BUILDR-662 reported time is much shorter than actual

1.4.11 (2013-03-14)

Fixed:  Multiple tests in TestNG 6.x versions were being incorrectly passed to
        the command line application.

1.4.10 (2013-02-10)

Added:  Support a single intermediate directory for each project hierarchy
        through an addon 'buildr/single_intermediate_layout'.
Fixed:  BUILDR-660 possible build issue when using build.yaml and tasks  .rake
        (Félix Enrique Llorente Pastora)
Added:  Support the :dir option in the Java::Commands.java method.
Fixed:  Scala 2.10 support - compiler now uses additional/separate jars
        introduced in 2.10 such as scala-reflect.jar and scala-actor.jar
Added:  Add an addon for NSIS.
Change: BUILDR-612 - Support the TestNG 6.x versions and default
        to 6.8.
Added:  BUILDR-599 - Support the passing of arguments to testng
        test runner.
Fixed:  Observer the per-project source version when generating
        IDEA module files.
Change: Sort the components in IDEA project files in the same
        order the idea sorts them.
Fixed:  Findbugs addon correctly handles String dependencies
        (vs task dependencies)
Fixed:  Checkstyle addon correctly handles String dependencies
        (vs task dependencies)
Added:  Created an addon 'buildr/wsgen' for generating wsdls from java
        and java from wsdls using the underlying wsgen tool.
Change: Defer the expansion of generated poms by wrapping the generation
        in a Proc.
Change: Rework Artifact.content(value) method to accept a Proc that
        will be called before the artifact is written rather than
        requiring a string.
Added:  Create a 'buildr/gpg' addon that signs and uploads signatures
        when uploading artifacts. Inspired by a similar extension in
        the Apache ODE project by Tammo van Lessen.
Change: Updated dependency versions;
        - jruby-openssl (0.8.2)
        - atoulme-Antwrap (0.7.4)
Change: Require 'bundler/setup' as part of buildr startup to ensure that
        buildr always runs with up to date dependencies if a Gemfile is
Added:  Add FrameworkDetectionExcludesConfiguration facet to Idea project
        file creation by default.
Fixed:  In the IntelliJ extension, defer the materialization of the
        default_components until expansion time to avoid loss of sub-
        components added after an add_component call.
Fixed:  BUILDR-633 - Remove hardcoded shebang lines in all-in-one release.
Added:  Create a simple extension that modifies the project layout to place
        generated files at the top level.

1.4.9 (2012-11-08)

Fixed:  Fixed the interaction with the FileUtils classes. The last release
        introduced a non-deterministic bug that sometimes caused logging
        preferences to be ignored and the install method to be
        inadvertently overwritten.

1.4.8 (2012-11-01)

Change: Revert to importing non-verbose FileUtils utility methods to match buildr 1.4.6 release and earlier.
Added:  Experimental support for jacoco code coverage tool.
Fixed:  BUILDR-655 - Support JDK1.7 under OSX
Change: Updated dependency versions;
        - builder (3.1.3)
        - rubyforge (2.0.4)
        - net-ssh (2.6.0)
        - hoe (3.1.0)
        - rjb (1.4.2)
        - rdoc (3.12)
        - xml-simple (1.1.1)
        - rspec-expectations (2.11.3)
        - rspec-mocks (2.11.3)
        - rspec-core (2.11.1)
        - rspec (2.11.0)
        - rubyzip (0.9.9)
Added:  BUILDR-652 Generate buildfile from Eclipse workspace. (Niklaus Giger)
Fixed:  BUILDR-627 Support explicitly listed source files in buildr cc task. (Christopher Tiwald)
Fixed:  BUILDR-606 Transitive artifact resolution should not include artifacts in 'provided' scope in poms to
        match maven behaviour. (Julio Arias)
Change: BUILDR-640 Enable building jekyll and rdoc under more rubies. (Niklaus Giger)
Change: Mark Buildr:Bnd.remote_repository as deprecated as dependencies appear in maven central.
Added:  BUILDR-654 Add the ability to configure the version of BND used by bnd addon. (Niklaus Giger)
Added:  Create the git_auto_version addon that automatically specifies a version for a git project based
        on git describe.
Added:  Integrate with Zinc (incremental compilation wrapper for scalac 2.9+)
Change: Default to Scala 2.9.2, ScalaTest 1.8, Scala Specs2 1.11,
        ScalaCheck 1.10.0.
Change: Scala artifact repository changed to
Added:  BUILDR-645 Support Mercurial as a version control system (Tan Quach)
Fixed:  BUILDR-646 TGZ files do not keep their permissions when extracted
        via Buildr::Unzip#extract
Added:  Add add_exploded_ear_artifact and add_exploded_ejb_artifact to the idea project extension.
Change: Default to using Checkstyle 5.5 in the checkstyle addon.
Fixed:  Fix the add_exploded_war_artifact method on the idea project by adding in missing method
Fixed:  Fix the extension of the gwt plugin so that it can be required as an addon.
Fixed:  Fix the undefined default_web_xml variable in the add_web_facet method on the idea project.

1.4.7 (2012-05-29)

Added:  BUILDR-618 pom properties feature does not support hierarchy (kafka liu)
Added:  Add a Sonar extension.
Change: BUILDR-638 Update to rake (Russell Teabeault)
Added:  BUILDR-316 Add a GWT extension
Change: BUILDR-624 Update rspec version to 2.9.0 (Russell Teabeault)
Change: BUILDR-632 Update net-ssh version to 2.3.0 (Russell Teabeault)
Change: BUILDR-632 Update net-sftp version to 2.0.5 (Russell Teabeault)
Fixed:  BUILDR-635 JRE container entry to be declared before user sources and dependencies (Dani Perez)
Change: BUILDR-639 Stop requiring pygmentize to run "rake -T" (Russell Teabeault)
Added:  Enhance the IDEA extension to support the addition of several explicit facets such as
        ejb, jruby, jpa, web and gwt.
Added:  Add several utility methods to IDEA extension for defining artifacts and configurations.
        Add some explicit methods to support a gwt configuration and a "Exploded War" artifact.
Change: Upgraded to Apache Ant 1.8.3
Change: Default maven2 repository is now repo1.maven.org/maven2.
Change: Make minimumTokenCount and encoding configurable for the PMD/CPD action
        and default encoding to UTF-8 for compatibility with external tools (i.e. Jenkins)
Change: BUILDR-615 VersionRequirement.version? now returns true for
        versions following pattern "r9999", e.g. "r09"
Change: BUILDR-630 Run task should not add test dependencies (Russell Teabeault)
Change: BUILDR-629 JavaRunner should include target/resources in classpath (Russell Teabeault)
Fixed:  BUILDR-617 pom exclusion does not work (Kafka Liu)
Added:  Add a Findbugs extension.
Added:  Add a Checkstyle extension.
Added:  Add a JavaNCSS extension.
Added:  Add a PMD extension.
Added:  MultiTest framework that allows combining multiple test frameworks
        for a single project.
Added:  Scala Specs2 framework support.
Added:  Buildr.transitive() now accepts hash with :scopes, :optional and
        :scopes_transitive parameters
Added:  Improved scala file change detection
        (to avoid recompiling  unnecessarily)
Added:  ScalaTest now automatically loads the Mockito library
Added:  Enhance the Intellij IDEA extension to support the addition of "artifacts"
        and "configurations" to the generated project file.
Added:  BUILDR-598 TestNG support for :groups and :excludegroups (Christopher Coco)
Added:  BUILDR-616 Buildr development - If using rvm a default .rvmrc file would be helpful (Russell Teabeault)
Change: Scala Specs upgraded to 1.6.9 if using Scala 2.9.1
Change: Scala 2.9.1 is now default
Change: Make it possible to parameterize the JDepend extension and control the
        projects that are included in the analysis and to enable support for
        loading a per project jdepend.properties.
Change: Parameterize the the directory where the top level cobertura tasks will generate
        reports. Specify using Buildr::Cobertura.report_dir = '....'
Change: Stop pretty printing the Intellij IDEA project files to avoid IDEA breaking
        in the presence of non-normalized whitespace content.
Change: Change the Intellij IDEA extension to always rebuild the project files.
Change: Upgrade to require atoulme-Antwrap 0.7.2
Change: Changed the default output directory for Intellij IDEA extension to be
        _(:target, :main, :idea, :classes) from _(:target, :main, :java) and the
        default test output directory to be _(:target, :test, :idea, :classes)
        from _(:target, :test, :java)
Change: Upgrade to highline 1.6.2
Change: Upgrade to jekyll 0.11.0, jekylltask 1.1.0, RedCloth 4.2.7, rdoc 3.8 for
        generating documentation
Change: Upgrade to require rubygems > 1.8.6
Change: BUILDR-603 Remove install/uninstall actions from :gem packaging type
Change: BUILDR-602 Fail the build when gem dependencies are missing rather than
        attempting to install the dependencies
Change: BUILDR-601 Remove Buildr::Util::Gems
Change: BUILDR-600 Centralize the common ad internal requires into one location.
Change: Upgrade to JRuby 1.6.2
Change: Move to Bundler to manage the project dependencies
Change: BUILDR-548 Remove support for JTestR as it is no longer maintained (Antoine Toulme)
Change: BUILDR-614 Buildr development - Using rvm, bundler and OSX installs the wrong rjb (Russell Teabeault)
Change: Upgrade to RJB 1.4.0
Fixed:  ArtifactNamespace fails when using artifacts with classfier.
Fixed:  Buildr.artifacts() should handle any object with :to_spec method
        (i.e., any object that ActsAsArtifact)
Fixed:  Handle HTTP Unauthorized (501) result code when downloading artifacts.
Fixed:  BUILDR-611 Buildr should not unnecessarily recompile Java files
        explicitly added to compile.from
Fixed:  scaladoc generation with scala 2.9.x
Fixed:  Bnd Plugin: Add each artifact individually as a prerequisite to
        bundle / package task when passed to classpath_element method
Fixed:  BUILDR-439 "The command line is too long" when running TestNG tests (Tammo Van Lessen)
Fixed:  BUILDR-595 Add option to specifiy location of ca cert
Fixed:  BUILDR-596 Update installation notes to talk about the all-in-one bundle

1.4.6 (2011-06-21)

Added:  BUILDR-592 Allow Users to Specify SSH Options for Deployment (Marc-André Laverdière)
Fixed:  BUILDR-591 Sort modules in iml files generated by idea task to ensure
        main_dependencies are exported
Added:  Support for Scala 2.9.0+ (with help of Alexis Midon)
Fixed:  BUILDR-583 Update jruby install to use jruby version 1.6.1 (Alexis Midon)
Fixed:  BUILDR-582 Revert the name change for the task to generate Intellij
        project files to 'idea'
Change: BUILDR-579 Format generated IDEA project files to look more like what
        IntelliJ generates (Peter Royal)
Change: BUILDR-574 Enhance idea task to generate test resources with test scope
        (Jean-Philippe Caruana)
Change: BUILDR-576 Upgrade to JUnit 4.8.2
Change: Upgrade to JRuby 1.6.2
Change: Scala 2.9.0-1 is now default, along with ScalaCheck 1.9, ScalaTest 1.6.1
        and Specs 1.6.8.
Change: ScalaCheck, ScalaTest and Specs now default to sane versions when using
        older Scala versions.
Fixed:  BUILDR-571 Generated IDEA projects include resources multiple times (Peter Royal)
Fixed:  BUILDR-573 HTTP upload PUT request with incorrect Content-Type (Mathias Doenitz)
Fixed:  BUILDR-578 Tar task does not preserve uid/gid on folders (Jean-Philippe Caruana)
Fixed:  BUILDR-251 Classifier not handled when downloading snapshot artifacts (Ryan Fowler)
Fixed:  BUILDR-585 "TypeError : can't dup NilClass" when merging jars
Fixed:  BUILDR-586 ScalaTest uses deprecated ant task (Martin Partel)
Fixed:  BUILDR-584 eclipse plugin should use absolute path
Fixed:  BUILDR-587 ScalaTest uses deprecated reporter parameters

1.4.5 (2011-02-20)

Added:  BUILDR-555 Add support for the jaxb binding compiler (Mark Petrovic)
Added:  BUILDR-554 Add support for OSGi bundle packages by importing the
        buildr_bnd plugin
Added:  BUILDR-125 Add support for <security-role> in application.xml of
        EAR packaging (Mikael Amborn)
Added:  BUILDR-550 Add support for groovydoc
Added:  BUILDR-521: System tray notifications for Linux systems
        (via libnotify/notify-send)
Added:  BUILDR-537 Shell tasks should use JAVA_OPTS by default
Added:  BUILDR-538 Shell tasks should support passing :java_args
Added:  BUILDR-544 Support ${groupId} in pom files (Chris Dean)
Added:  BUILDR-552 Projects may now be defined using project(:name) and a block
Added:  BUILDR-564 Add package(:scaladoc)
Added:  Automatically add "require buildr/{groovy,scala}"  when generating
        project if Groovy/Scala files are detected.
Change: BUILDR-540 Upgrade to rspec 2.1.0
Change: BUILDR-546 Upgrade to Rubyzip 0.9.4 (Michael Guymon)
Change: BUILDR-556 Merge buildr-iidea extension back into buildr.
Change: Upgrade default Scala compiler version to 2.8.1-final
Change: Upgrade to ScalaCheck 1.8
Change: Upgrade to ScalaTest 1.3
Change: Upgrade to Specs 1.6.6
Change: Upgrade to JRuby 1.5.6
Fixed:  BUILDR-542 Release task:  SVN tagging fails if parent tag directory
        does not exist yet (Gerolf Seitz)
Fixed:  BUILDR-543 POMs are installed and uploaded twice when using artifacts
        with classifier
Fixed:  BUILDR-522 Send notifications when continuous compilation
Fixed:  BUILDR-551 Continuous compilation not working for project trees
Fixed:  BUILDR-557 MD5 + SHA1 checksums are not Maven compliant (Tammo van Lessen)
Change: Upgrade to Groovy 1.7.5
Change: BUILDR-545 Add the ability to specify the description element in in
        application.xml contained within an ear.
Fixed:  BUILDR-547 - Ensure ECJ compiler works when there is a space in the
        path of dependencies.
Fixed:  BUILDR-558 Artifact uploads should show a progress bar (Tammo van Lessen)
Fixed:  BUILDR-560 show a meaning full error message when POM cannot be parsed
        (Tammo van Lessen)
Fixed:  BUILDR-562 WAR package isn't updated if files under src/main/webapp
        are updated
Fixed:  BUILDR-569 Buildr fails under JRuby 1.6.0.RC1 due to read-only $? variable
Fixed:  BUILDR-570 Buildr does not work with Rubygems 1.5.x
Fixed:  Scaladoc task would cause build to exit prematurely

1.4.4 (2010-11-16)

Change: BUILDR-549 Upgrade to RJB 1.3.3 to address "Cannot create JVM" issue with Java Update 3
        on Mac OS X.  Win32 platform upgraded to RJB 1.3.2.
Change: RSpec gem dependency ~> 1.3.1
Change: Upgrade to JtestR 0.6

1.4.3 (2010-10-15)

Added:  BUILDR-514 New 'run' local task. http://buildr.apache.org/ore_stuff.html#run
Added:  BUILDR-518 Load _buildr.rb or .buildr.rb from same directory as Buildfile
        if they exist (Peter Donald)
Added:  BUILDR-519 Load repositories.release_to from build settings (Peter Donald)
Fixed:  BUILDR-520 Scaladoc 2.8 no longer support -windowtitle, use -doc-title instead.
Fixed:  BUILDR-512 Buildr::Util.ruby invokes non existent method (Peter Donald)
Fixed:  BUILDR-513 --trace fails with NoMethodError : undefined method
        %xinclude?' for nil:NilClass
Fixed:  BUILDR-515 -update-snapshot doesn't work as expected
Fixed:  BUILDR-517 package(:jar).include(directory, :as=>"foo") produces a corrupted jar
Fixed:  BUILDR-524 Optimized and more robust reading of jar MANIFEST.MF (Hugues Malphettes)
Fixed:  BUILDR-525 Documentation refers to repositories.upload_to rather than
        repositories.release_to (Peter Donald)
Fixed:  BUILDR-526 Gracefully handle h2 sections with no id in documentation (Peter Donald)
Fixed:  BUILDR-527 package(:war) if libs passed are files (instead of artifacts)
Fixed:  BUILDR-528 Stop using deprecated method Gem::Dependency.version_requirements correctly (Peter Donald)
Fixed:  BUILDR-529 Stop using gem name "foo" in tests as it is the name of an actual gem (Peter Donald)
Fixed:  BUILDR-531 Improve error message when build requires gem that can't be found in local/remote
        gem repositories (Peter Donald)
Fixed:  BUILDR-532 package_as_source does not package resources (Tammo van Lessen)
Fixed:  BUILDR-534 package_with_sources does not package source artifacts if no sources but resources exist.
        (Tammo Van Lessen)
Fixed:  BUILDR-535 Failing "checks" produce no meaningful errors  on JRuby
Fixed:  JavaRebel was previously not correctly detected.

1.4.2 (2010-09-18)

Added:  BUILDR-415 Ability to exclude tests from command line
Added:  BUILDR-495 Document twitter on Buildr's homepage
Added:  BUILDR-212 Update support for SNAPSHOT artifacts (Timo Rantalaiho and Izzet Mustafa)
Added:  BUILDR-465 Eclipse project names should be customizable
Added:  BUILDR-493 Eclipse task should generate javadocpath
Added:  BUILDR-509 Option to generate non-prefixed Eclipse project names
Added:  BUILDR-510 Add support for trace categories: --trace=foo,bar
Added:  Integration test to show how to change the war packaging spec.
Added:  Integration test to show how to use junit 3.
Added:  Integration test to show how to get ahold of parent project
Change: BUILDR-473 Update jruby-openssl dependency version or support a range of versions
Change: BUILDR-478 Upgrade to net-ssh 2.0.23 and net-sftp 2.0.4 (Shane Witbeck)
Change: BUILDR-475 Support for long names on tar.gz (updated to minitar 0.5.3)
Change: BUILDR-484 Upgrade to Scala 2.8.0 (final) and associated dependencies
        (ScalaCheck 1.7, ScalaTest 1.2, Specs 1.6.5)
Change: BUILDR-487 package :sources should default to using .jar extension (instead of .zip)
Change: Upgrade to Jruby 1.5.2
Fixed:  BUILDR-143 Upload to a file:// path needs ability to specify permissions (Joel Muzzerall)
Fixed:  BUILDR-144 Filter does not preserve file permissions
Fixed:  BUILDR-163 cobertura-check
Fixed:  BUILDR-203 Compiler guessing very inefficient
Fixed:  BUILDR-225 ArchiveTask#merge, not according to doc
Fixed:  BUILDR-256 Automatically installing gems aborts rspec test runner (Rhett Sutphin)
Fixed:  BUILDR-285 Cobertura failing when running build
Fixed:  BUILDR-302 Move out-of-date Nailgun documentation to wiki (Shane Witbeck)
Fixed:  BUILDR-317 ecj compiler
Fixed:  BUILDR-326 follow up: binary safe untarring on Windows (Sam Hendley)
Fixed:  BUILDR-335 follow up: excluding libraries from war is confusing
Fixed:  BUILDR-342 The jruby gem installer invokes the removed Gem.manage_gems function (Rhett Sutphin)
Fixed:  BUILDR-403 Buildr::Util::Gems.install does not find gems on remote sources
Fixed:  BUILDR-436 release task should only replace "-SNAPSHOT" (spec from Jean-Philippe Caruana)
Fixed:  BUILDR-438 Release Task: customizable version numbers (Alexis Midon)
Fixed:  BUILDR-464 Improve the versioning of Buildr (Rhett Sutphin)
Fixed:  BUILDR-466 Rendering issue with IE on the website (Shane Witbeck)
Fixed:  BUILDR-468 test:failed does not respect test.exclude
Fixed:  BUILDR-469 test:failed causes all transitive tests to run
Fixed:  BUILDR-472 ECJ dependency now required to build any java project
Fixed:  BUILDR-477 Error while parsing maven-metadata.xml
Fixed:  BUILDR-479 Enforce using a minimal version of jruby
Fixed:  BUILDR-481 Antwrap monkey-patching in core.rb
Fixed:  BUILDR-482 Javadoc : cannot load class java.com.sun.tools.javadoc.Main
Fixed:  BUILDR-488 artifact poms not reinstalled
Fixed:  BUILDR-491 sftp download goes into infinite loop
Fixed:  BUILDR-498 Artifact download fails with "negative argument" if
        terminal capabilities are undefined
Fixed:  BUILDR-499 Java package caching through constants
        e.g. (Java.java.lang.String cached as Java::Lang::String)
        can shadow Ruby modules
Fixed:  BUILDR-501 Fix buildr label when listing tasks (Peter Donald)
Fixed:  BUILDR-503 Include with as includes directories as files when the directory has the same name as the path
Fixed:  BUILDR-506 Gem packaging does not work under windows (Peter Donald)
Fixed:  BUILDR-508 Remove unnecessary use of Java.classpath in OpenJPA
        extension (Peter Donald)
Fixed:  BUILDR-507 Gem packaging should replace dashes with dots in
        version number (Peter Donald)

1.4.1 (2010-07-07)

Added:  BUILDR-420 Support external compiler
Added:  BUILDR-425 Specify dev dependencies in .gemspec
Change: BUILDR-459 Update gemspec to accept json_pure ~> 1.4.3
Fixed:  BUILDR-455 cc_spec.rb l 160 depends on time and thus fails intermittently
Fixed:  BUILDR-461 Packages with different ids collide
Fixed:  BUILDR-439 "The command line is too long" when running TestNG tests
Fixed:  BUILDR-463 Setting a system property in the buildfile causes a NoClassDefFoundError

1.4.0 (2010-06-18)

Added:  BUILDR-405 Enhance the idea7x extension to supply a task to delete generated files
        (Peter Donald)
Added:  Support for regexps in include and exclude patterns (BUILDR-406)
Added:  Support for Scala 2.8 compiler-level change detection and dependency
Added:  Continuous compilation
Added:  Generic documentation framework (using the %xdoc` task).  Replaces
        %xjavadoc` task
Added:  New "test:failed" task to execute only tests that failed during last
        run (Antoine Toulme)
Added:  Project extensions (before/after_define) now support dependency ordering
        similar to Rake (e.g. before_define(:my_setup => :compile)
Added:  BUILDR-328 Detect Eclipse plugin project with META-INF/MANIFEST.MF
        and Bundle-SymbolicName: entry
Added:  Support for Eclipse classpath variables to avoid absolute pathnames in
        generated .classpath using:
          eclipse.classpath_variables { :VAR => '/path/to/libraries' }
Added:  Support for excluding libraries from Eclipse classpath using:
          eclipse.exclude_libs += ['/path/to/some/library.jar']
Added:  Environment variable IGNORE_BUILDFILE can be set to "yes" or
        "true" to ignore changes in Buildfile when running tests.
Added:  "buildr test=only" will only run tests explicitly specified on the
        command line (and ignore transitive test dependencies)
Added:  ArtifactNamespace.{keys,clear} methods
Added:  BUILDR-326 Support unzipping tar.gz files (Antoine Toulme)
Added:  BUILDR-368 Support protocol buffer code generation
        (Pepijn Van Eeckhoudt)
Added:  BUILDR-375 Buildr now recognizes buildfile.rb and Buildfile.rb
        (Kerry Wilson)
Added:  BUILDR-390 Buildr::group() should accept :classifier argument
Added:  BUILDR-407 Exclude and include patterns should support lambdas or procs
Added:  BUILDR-408 Filter include() and exclude() should accept Rake tasks
Added:  BUILDR-409 archive.include() should convert arguments to artifact
        if applicable
Added:  BUILDR-453 Provide a ci task that uses the ci_reporter gem (Pepijn Van Eeckhoudt)
Added:  ScalaTest now generates JUnit XML reports in addition to text files.
Change: Updated to Ant 1.8.0
Change: Updated to Cobertura
Change: Updated to Groovy 1.7.1
Change: Updated to JRuby 1.5.1
Change: Updated to JtestR 0.5
Change: Updated to JUnit 4.7
Change: Updated to JMock 2.5.1 (Antoine Toulme)
Change: Updated to RJB 1.2.5
Change: Updated to Scala Specs
Change: Updated to ScalaCheck 1.6
Change: Updated to ScalaTest 1.0.1
Change: Updated to json_pure 1.4.0
Change: Load buildr.rb from $HOME/.buildr instead of $HOME
        ($HOME/buildr.rb is still loaded with deprecation warning)
Change: BUILDR-400 Don't forbid projects to use their own compiler after one has been guessed
Change: BUILDR-401 Don't set compiler to output warnings if verbose
Change: Buildr.settings.build['scala.version'] now overrides SCALA_HOME to
        determine which Scala libraries used for compiling.  If both are
        are provided and reference the same Scala version, then local
        jars from SCALA_HOME are used.
Change: Tagline changed from "The build system that doesn't suck" to "Build like you code"
Change: BUILDR-355 Use Rake for defining tasks to do the Buildr distro over JRuby (Izzet Mustafa oglu)
Change: BUILDR-448 Don't use sudo by default for rake setup
Change: BUILDR-450 Update .gitignore to exclude idea project files and files generated during spec tests (Peter Donald)
Fixed:  BUILDR-208 ansi control characters are printed on Windows (Pepijn Van Eeckhoudt)
Fixed:  BUILDR-348 Buildr fails on windows with jruby and ODE 1.X
Fixed:  BUILDR-183 Can't define root artifact namespace outside of project
        (Ittay Dror)
Fixed:  BUILDR-223 Release Task: customizable commit message (Alexis Midon)
Fixed:  BUILDR-232 buildr should print the class of an exception, not just
        its message (Antoine Toulme)
Fixed:  BUILDR-233 Can't specify version in artifact namespace
Fixed:  BUILDR-267 Skipping tests is only done after they are compiled
        (Antoine Toulme)
Fixed:  BUILDR-281 Application#initialize fails if home dir isn't writable
Fixed:  BUILDR-327 Specifying :plugin eclipse nature explicitly fails
Fixed:  BUILDR-330  Install task should re-install artifact even if they
        already exist (Alexis Midon)
Fixed:  BUILDR-334 Eclipse .classpath files use absolute paths for library
        entries (Stefan Wasilewski)
Fixed:  BUILDR-336 Java::Commands.java Prints Command Without --trace
        (Antoine Toulme)
Fixed:  BUILDR-341 jruby -S extract is no longer supported by jruby
        (Antoine Toulme)
Fixed:  BUILDR-344 Buildr::TestFramework::TestResult::YamlFormatter uses
        deprecated form of example_pending (Rhett Sutphin)
Fixed:  BUILDR-345 Improve project documentation (Peter Schröder)
Fixed:  BUILDR-346 Test classpath can not be set (Peter Schröder)
Fixed:  BUILDR-347 Compile.from does not work correctly with FileTask when
        no compiler is set (Peter Schröder)
Fixed:  BUILDR-349 resources.filter should use defaults from profile.yaml
        even if mapping is provided
Fixed:  BUILDR-360 Reintroduce tag_name instance method for Git release task for
        backward compatibility (Antoine Toulme)
Fixed:  BUILDR-361 Generate Eclipse .project file even if project has no
        nature.  Also prevent generation of .project if project has
        children. (Antoine Toulme)
Fixed:  BUILDR-364 Package spec should be set to a Symbol when :file is
        used (Klaas Prause)
Fixed:  BUILDR-365 test task should use test compile dependencies
Fixed:  BUILDR-366 Scala dependencies should be lazily loaded into
Fixed:  BUILDR-373 Package type specific implementations of install,
        uninstall and upload are not invoked (Antoine Toulme)
Fixed:  BUILDR-374 upload tasks can attempt to upload artifacts multiple times (Pepijn Van Eeckhoudt)
Fixed:  BUILDR-379 Ant sql task abruptly terminates buildr
Fixed:  BUILDR-380 GitRelease: recursive search for root '/' does not work
        under Windows (Antoine Toulme)
Fixed:  BUILDR-381 JUnit tests on Groovy project fail with
        NoClassDefFoundError: junit/framework/TestCase
Fixed:  BUILDR-382 Packages with default spec are not always created correctly
Fixed:  BUILDR-383 artifact().from(task_dependency) should not trigger
        task_dependency if artifact exists
Fixed:  BUILDR-384 Buildr fails with rubygems 1.3.6
Fixed:  BUILDR-386 Display JRuby version in buildr -V (Antoine Toulme)
Fixed:  BUILDR-388 Continuous Compilation Support for Sub-Projects
Fixed:  BUILDR-391 resources task does not detect changes
Fixed:  BUILDR-392 Array values not flattened in (one version) of eclipse
        task properties (Antoine Toulme, Peter Dettman)
Fixed:  BUILDR-306 Cobertura extension does not handle dependencies
        correctly (Pepijn Van Eeckhoudt)
Fixed:  BUILDR-398 FileUtils#sh does not work correctly on Windows
        (Pepijn Van Eeckhoudt)
Fixed:  BUILDR-399 invoke_with_call_chain does not restore call chain
        correctly (Pepijn Van Eeckhoudt)
Fixed:  BUILDR-418 jruby exception: %xffi_libraries': no library specified
Fixed:  BUILDR-442 Errors while running the specs with jruby 1.5
Fixed:  BUILDR-449 Fix failing specs on Windows (Pepijn Van Eeckhoudt)
Fixed:  buildr test=all didn't run all tests as expected
Fixed:  Fail-fast if package.with() or include() called with nil values
Fixed:  Failures not reported correctly for ScalaTest (Alex Eagle)
Fixed:  Test dependencies should include test compile dependencies
Fixed:  Classpath correctly passed to Scala shell
Fixed:  Removed redundant tracing of command arguments
Fixed:  filter.using(hash) now correctly substitutes mappings with boolean
        "false" value
Fixed:  BUILDR-404 buildr -V causes exception on JRuby
Fixed:  BUILDR-411 fix for RDoc generation
Fixed:  BUILDR-417 package_as_javadoc calls deprecated method
        (Pepijn Van Eeckhoudt)
Fixed:  BUILDR-412 Gemspec dependencies don't add up - to the point it's not possible to release
Fixed:  BUILDR-414 Provide tag_name method on GitRelease as part of API
Fixed:  BUILDR-419 Exclusion patterns only work if they contain a wildcard
Fixed:  BUILDR-421 The MANIFEST.MF file packaged by Buildr as permissions set to 600
Fixed:  BUILDR-423 MANIFEST.MF files are not closed, leading to open files leak.
Fixed:  BUILDR-447 Path object do not include empty dirs in base directory (Peter Donald)
Fixed:  BUILDR-457 package(:jar) adds . entry to the jar

1.3.5 (2009-10-05)

Added:  Interactive shell (REPL) support
Added:  BeanShell as default shell for java projects, bsh is small and it's
        syntax provides the closest to an interpreted java. The BeanShell
        console includes a graphical class browser. Shell is named :bsh
Added:  Mandriva (urpmi) installation support (with help from Franck Villaume).
Added:  BUILDR-56 Download Scala artifacts if not available locally
Added:  BUILDR-163 cobertura:check (Marko Sibakov, Daniel Spiewak).
Added:  BUILDR-295 Eclipse task: make 'M2_REPO' repository variable configurable
Added:  BUILDR-300 Make Eclipse task more configurable (Antoine Toulme, Alex Boisvert)
Change: Upgraded to rubyforge-1.0.5 and net-ssh 2.0.15
Change: Monkey-Patched FileUtils::sh on JRuby to use POSIX `system`
Change: Updated to Rake 0.8.7, RSpec 1.2.8 and JRuby-openssl 0.5.2.
Change: Updated to easyb 0.9 (Joel Muzzerall)
Change: Updated to TestNG 5.10
Change: Updated to JRuby 1.3.1
Fixed:  BUILDR-23 Support for setting file mode when packaging (Ittay Dror).
Fixed:  BUILDR-278 tasks/*.rake files are loaded after the buildfile (Rhett Sutphin)
Fixed:  BUILDR-282 release goal should not strip leading '0' digits from version numbers.
Fixed:  BUILDR-289 Improved error message when JAVA_HOME points to an invalid JRE/JDK installation
Fixed:  BUILDR-290 Dependencies cannot be downloaded over SSL.
Fixed:  BUILDR-291 Local tasks do not support arguments (Ittay Dror).
Fixed:  BUILDR-292 Workaround for JRUBY-3381 on FileUtils.mv
Fixed:  BUILDR-301 TestNG doesn't report failure if more than one test fails
Fixed:  BUILDR-307 Failures are not reported correctly for ScalaTest (Jeremie Lenfant-Engelmann)
Fixed:  BUILDR-313 Prevent release with uncommitted_files on Git 1.4.3+ (Alexis Midon)
Fixed:  BUILDR-315 Fix Eclipse .classpath for local libraries (Mat Schaffer)
Fixed:  BUILDR-304 Referencing an existing package task using the package
        method fails if the package has a custom filename (Rhett Sutphin)
Fixed:  BUILDR-322 When specifying files (instead of directories) as sources for compile task,
        Buildr uses target directory timestamp only (not compiled output timestamp)
Fixed:  BUILDR-324: Regression - baseDir system property is not set when executing tests [Alexis Midon]
Fixed:  BUILDR-325: Overriding package spec with classifer doesn't work (Antoine Toulme)

1.3.4 (2009-04-21)

Added:  BUILDR-93 Add specs for ScalaCheck integration
Added:  BUILDR-94 Add specs for Scala Specs integration
Added:  BUILDR-136 Support Scala/Java Joint Compiler (Daniel Spiewak).
Added:  BUILDR-159 Improved 'check' to accept both tar and tgz archives.
Added:  BUILDR-164 New 'artifacts:sources' task to download source code
        for artifact jars.
Added:  BUILDR-222 Support Git as a version control system
Added   BUILDR-223 Release Task: customizable commit message
Added:  BUILDR-242 Include Scala-Tools Repository by Default.
Added:  BUILDR-268 Allow proxying for https connections (Joel Muzzerall).
Added:  Info message "Packaging filename.ext" now displayed for packaging tasks
Added:  Added Scala.version and Scala.version_str
Change: require 'buildr/scala' is now officially required to use Scala features
Change: Introduced new options from Rake 0.8.3: -I (libdir), -R (rakelib),
        --rules, --no-search, --silent.
Change: Upgraded to Rubyforge 1.0.1.
Change: Upgraded to use Rake 0.8.4.
Change: Upgraded to use Net-SSH 2.0.11.
Change: Upgraded to use RSpec 1.2.2.
Change: Upgraded to use JRuby 1.1.6 (when auto-installing).
Change: Buildr, no longer in incubation (hurray!): new site, mailing list, SVN, Git.
Change: BUILDR-171 Eclipse task generates meta-data files for projects with
        test source code but no main source code.
Change: BUILDR-177 Moved cobertura and emma extensions to lib directory.
Change: BUILDR-187 Source code attachment for Eclipse .classpath.
Change: BUILDR-188 Source code attachment for IDEA .iml file (Marko Sibakov).
Change: BUILDR-209 Scala Specs Should Use src/specs/scala/
Change: BUILDR-237 Use MacPorts Scala on OS X.
Change: BUILDR-260 Upgrade to Scala 2.7.3 compatible dependencies:
        ScalaSpecs 1.4.3, ScalaCheck 1.5 and ScalaTest 0.9.5
Change: Buildr now uses Jekyll to generate Web site/documentation:

github.com/mojombo/jekyll/ This replaces Docter so less code to maintain and the same Textile/Liquid mechanism as when using Github pages.

Change: To access Release object (e.g. to set tag_name) use Release.find.
Fixed:  Removed double complete/fail messages showing up on console.
Fixed:  BUILDR-140 Get rid of const_defined? all across the board.
Fixed:  BUILDR-158 Nailgun is now a delegate for buildr/drb (a pure-ruby dRuby server)
Fixed:  BUILDR-170 ArtifactNamespace#method_missing has a condition that is never true.
Fixed:  BUILDR-172 Scala compiler not loaded by default.
Fixed:  BUILDR-175 Fail to find child project when calling project method inside project definition.
Fixed:  BUILDR-185 Exception if using artifact names with hyphen (Joel


Fixed:  BUILDR-192 TestNG report results are overwritten (Alexis Midon).
Fixed:  BUILDR-193 TestNG uses project name for suite name (not valid file
        name on Windows).
Fixed:  BUILDR-194 Buildr always adds 'Manifest-Version' to generated manifest file.
Fixed:  BUILDR-198 Filter#run always calls mkpath with :verbose.
Fixed:  BUILDR-199 ArchiveTask#needed uses 'each' with no effect (Ittay Dror).
Fixed:  BUILDR-201 Sample project is not valid (Alexis Midon).
Fixed:  BUILDR-214 Buildr is stuck uploading to sftp repository (Heikki Hulkko).
Fixed:  BUILDR-216 Profiles documentation is wrong (Shane Witbeck).
Fixed:  BUILDR-218 Manifest.from_zip fails if the zip doesn't already have

META-INF/MANIFEST.MF (Joel Muzzerall).

Fixed:  BUILDR-226 Release task should use XML output of "svn info" instead

of human-readable output (Alexis Midon).

Fixed:  BUILDR-230 release task fails if there's a space in the path to the


Fixed:  BUILDR-235 JRuby download link is broke (Alexis Midon).
Fixed:  BUILDR-239 HTTP redirects lose authentication information (Joel


Fixed:  BUILDR-240 Make TestNG print traces in the console (Alex Midon).
Fixed:  BUILDR-241 IDEA7X IPR generation does not pay attention to base_dir

for submodules (Rhett Sutphin).

Fixed:  BUILDR-247 OpenObject does not work with Hash#only (Rhett Sutphin).
Fixed:  BUILDR-253 ZipTask now uses Zlib::DEFAULT_COMPRESSION instead of NO_COMPRESSION
Fixed:  BUILDR-255 tasks/*.rake files are loaded more than once.
Fixed:  BUILDR-261 ScalaSpecs should be run with Scala dependencies
Fixed:  BUILDR-263 package(:war).merge not working correctly with exclude()
Fixed:  BUILDR-271 Using buildr --environment leads to "Don't know how to

build task XXX“.

Fixed:  BUILDR-269 rspec bdd is broken (Jeff Hodges)
Fixed:  BUILDR-272 'rake gem' does not build gem under JRuby (Clinton R.


Remove: BUILDR-215 buildr:freeze and unfreeze tasks don't work since we're

no longer running with the rake command.

1.3.3 (2008-10-08)

Added:  JtestR support. Implemented pending jtestr specs.
Added:  Growl notifications (OS X only).
Added:  error, info and trace methods.
Added:  Release task support for alternative SVN repository layout
        (e.g., http://my.repo.org/trunk/foo).
Added:  BUILDR-128 Emma support
Added:  BUILDR-135. Extracted reusable replacement logic into Filter::Mapper
Added:  BUILDR-148 It is now possible to set the version of various 3rd
        party libraries from the build.yml file.  Supported libraries
        include Ant and the various test and BDD frameworks.
Change: Error reporting now shows 'buildr aborted!' (used to say rake),
        more of the stack trace without running --trace, and when running
        with supported terminal, error message is red.
Change: Eclipse task updated to documented Scala plugin requirements
Change: Buildr.application.buildfile returns a task instead of a String.
Change: BUILDR-104 Buildr::group has :under and :version, but not :type.
        Now it has :type too (Lacton).
Change: BUILDR-139 Incremental test run.
Change: BUILDR-141 Removed NEXT_VERSION from release task.
Change: BUILDR-148 ant-junit no longer included in root classpath, but
        specified during taskdef.
Change: BUILDR-153 To customize the SVN tag used by the release task, set
        Release.tag_name to either the tag value or a proc that takes the
        version number and return the desired tag.
Fixed:  Should not display "(in `pwd`, development)" when using --quiet.
Fixed:  Release task's regexp to find either THIS_VERSION and VERSION_NUMBER.
Fixed:  BUILDR-106 download(artifact(...)=>url) broken in certain cases
Fixed:  BUILDR-108 Trace to explain why a compile is done (Lacton).
Fixed:  BUILDR-109 Failure of "Buildr::Filter should respond to :include and
        use these inclusion patterns" (Lacton).
Fixed:  BUILDR-110 Error creating buildfile from POM when missing plugin
        configuration (Geoffrey Ruscoe).
Fixed:  BUILDR-112 Using a user gem repository with 'rake setup' (Lacton).
Fixed:  BUILDR-114 Hash.from_java_properties does not behave
        like java.util.Properties (Lacton).
Fixed:  BUILDR-116: TestTask should include the main compile target in its
        dependencies, even when using non standard directories (Lacton).
Fixed:  BUILDR-117 Shared directory for both code and resources produces
        duplicate Eclipse classpath entries (Nathan Hamblen)
Fixed:  BUILDR-119 Eclipse task does not accept test resource folders
Fixed:  BUILDR-122: eclipse task should not check for directory existence
Fixed:  BUILDR-123: eclipse task should honor ResourceTask's target directory
Fixed:  BUILDR-124 unzip(...).from_path does not work correctly without
        include (Rhett Sutphin).
Fixed:  BUILDR-126  Tests options are shared between unrelated projects when
        using #options instead of #using (Lacton).
Fixed:  BUILDR-129. Modifying a project manifest should not alter it's
        parent project manifest.
Fixed:  BUILDR-137 JRuby 1.1.3 and Buildr 1.3.2 don't appear to work
        (on Windows).
Fixed:  BUILDR-138 ScalaTest premature use of Buildr::Repositories
        inconsistent with customizing locations.
Fixed:  BUILDR-152 Project.task fails when task name starts with a colon.
Fixed:  BUILDR-157 Tasks library not loaded from a submodule.
Docs:   BUILDR-111 Troubleshoot tip when Buildr's bin directory shows up in
        RUBYLIB (Geoffrey Ruscoe).

1.3.2 (2008-07-18)

Added: --prereqs command line argument to show all tasks and their

dependencies. You can also follow with regular expression to narrow down the list of tasks.

Changed: Upgraded to Rubyforge 1.0.0.
Changed: BUILDR-86 Use newest versions of net-ssh and net-sftp gems.
Changed: BUILDR-88 Test classes/resources should come before compile

classes/resources so they load up earlier in java classpath.

Changed: BUILDR-102 Update JUnit Version to 4.4.
Fixed: BUILDR-73 idea7x task incorrect adds target/resources to the sources


Fixed: BUILDR-76 Added more specs and fixes to compile task.
Fixed: BUILDR-77 Layout feature not working.
Fixed: BUILDR-79 Remove :source option for Scala compiler
Fixed: BUILDR-80 Fix reference to Util#timestamp method on nailgun addon.
Fixed: BUILDR-82 Temporary work around for Net::SSH 2.0.2 attempting to

load Pageant DLLs when running on JRuby/Windows.

Fixed: BUILDR-89 JUnit (and all other Java frameworks) no longer include

abstract classes.

Fixed: BUILDR-90 Installing from source doesn't work with JRuby.
Fixed: BUILDR-91 When doing a release, buildr should spawn the same version

of buildr

Fixed: BUILDR-92 IDEA 7x: add resources directories to classpath.
Fixed: BUILDR-95: Only download Scala test framework artifacts when required
Fixed: BUILDR-100 Directory structure documentation needs updating.
Fixed: Installation instructions updated for RubyGems 1.2.0. (2008-06-04)

Fixed: BUILDR-78 Broken dependency on Rubyforge Gem.

1.3.1 (2008-05-19)

Added: Downloading files from SFTP server, uploading to HTTP.
Added: jibx_bind method to use JiBX for Java<=>XML binding (by David


Changed: Upgraded to Net::SSH 2.0 and Net::SFTP 2.0.
Fixed: BUILDR-67 HTTP GET now works with query parameters (Tommy Knowlton).
Fixed: BUILDR-68 Now accepting JAVA_HOME setting on OS X (Nathan Hamblen).
Fixed: JUnit now accepts java_args and passes these arguments to the JVM

(only applicable when forking).

Fixed: BUILDR-70 JUnit not passing environment variables from the

:environment option.

Fixed: BUILDR-75 Filter now runs if there's a target directory, even if

there are no source files to copy over, since everyone else just checks resources.target for existence before depending on it.

Fixed: BUILDR-63 Possible fix.

1.3.0 (2008-04-25)

Added: Testing with EasyB (Nicolas Modrzyk).
Added: Testing with JBehave (John Layton).
Added: Testing with RSpec (Nick Sieger).
Added: Nailgun integration for improved user experience when running on


Added: Cobertura tasks can be invoked for a single project using project

name as prefix to cobetura tasks.

Added: Cobertura can exclude specified classes from instrumentation.
Added: ArchiveTask#clean can be used to remove content from a package.
Added: Groovy compiler.
Added: Mechanism to simplify creating extensions (see Extension module).
Added: To run all test cases 'rake spec'.  Test coverage reports will show

up in html/coverage. To run failing tests against, ‘rake failing’.

Added: Layout class for controlling the project layout.  Also cleaned up

places where paths were used instead of path names.

Added: HTTP Basic authentication support (Yuen-Chi Lian).
Added: EAR packaging (Victor Hugo Borja).
Added: Profiles(.yaml), based on the code provided by Yanko Ivanov.
Added: Resources task picks the default mapping from the filter element of

the current profile (if specified).

Added: Consolidated API for RJB and JRuby, replacing the now deprecated


Added: JRuby 1.1 support (Victor Hugo Borja, Nick Sieger).
Added: IDEA 7 task: use buildr idea7x (Shane Witbeck).
Added: Experimental support for installing/loading Gems as part of a build.
Added: Experimental support for YAML configurtion files:

~/.buildr/settings.yaml, build.yaml and profiles.yaml.

Added: Ability to create a package that is not an artifact and specify the

target file using the :file argument.

Changed: JUnit/TestNG test cases are selected by superClass or annotations,

not by class-name pattern.

Changed: Upgraded to Antwrap 0.7.0, thanks to Caleb Powell for relicensing

under Apache License.

Changed: Upgraded to Rake 0.8, RSpec 1.1, RJB 1.1, OpenJPA 1.0.1.
Changed: Resources are now copied to target/resources instead of

target/classes, and target/test/resources instead of target/test-resources.

Changed: Test cases are now compiled into target/test/classes instead of


Changed: Compile extension and CompileTask are now separate from the Java

module. Multiple compilers can be used, either guessed from the project layout, or specified with compile.using(:name).

Changed: Test extension and TestTask are now separate from the Java module.

JUnit and TestNG are Java specific extensions picked using test.with(:name).

Changed: For compile and test, use dependencies instead of classpath (with

works are before).

Changed: Test framework componentized along the same lines as the


Changed: The way packaging is handled: package_as_[type] is now called once

for a given package with the exact file name. If packaging requires a change to the specifiction (e.g. a different file type than the package type), add a package_as__spec method.

Changed: The default packaging type is inferred from the compiler, and

without a compiler, defaults to :zip.

Changed: JUnit test framework now runs on all classes that extend


Changed: Scalac compiler now used by the regular compile task, the scalac

task is deprecated.

Changed: RDoc are now generated using Allison


Changed: Resource tasks no longer generate target directory if there are no

resources to copy over.

Changed: To prevent collissions with required files, the source layout now

places everything under lib/buildr, so require ‘core/compile’ is now require ‘buildr/core/compile’.

Changed: The various Java tasks (JavaCC, XMLBeans, JDepends, etc) are now

located in the extra directory, and may at some point relocate to an addon Gem.

Removed: Prepare tasks removed.
Removed: All deprecated features since 1.1.  If you've seen warnings before,

except the build to break.

Removed: No longer using Facets or recommending you use it in buildfiles.
Fixed: More typos/documentation fixes by Lacton
Fixed: Artifact.pom resolves artifact without classifier, i.e

org.testng:testng:jar:jdk15:5.1 uses org.testng:testng:pom:5.1 (Tommy).

Fixed: More patches towards JRuby support, courtesy of Vic Borja.
Fixed: Error when downloading a file from a server which answers with a

response with no content length.

Fixed: Improved the Eclipse task (BUILDR-17): removed resources target

directory from the source directories, made the main resource directories relative to the project directory and reordered project elements (Thomas Marek).

Fixed: When compiling Scala only include scala-library and scala-compiler

JARs (John Layton).

Fixed: POM generation now applies JAR as default packaging if unspecified

(Maarten Billemont).

1.2.10 (2007-11-26)

Changed: Resources sets permission on copied files to make them

read/write-able (Shane Witbeck).

Changed: Artifact download no longer generates destination directory if not

downloaded (Antoine).

Fixed: Bunch of typos, courtesy of Merlyn Albery-Speyer and Soemirno


1.2.9 (2007-11-08)

Changed: Upgraded to RJB 1.0.11.
Fixed: Backward compatibility in Java.rjb/wrapper.

1.2.8 (2007-11-01)

Added: Resolving Maven snapshots from remote repository (Rhett Sutphin)
Changed: scala options.target now takes number, e.g. "1.5" instead of

“jvm-1.5” (Nathan Hamblen)

Changed: Eclipse task uses updated Scala plugin nature and builder (Alex


Fixed: Bringing Buildr back to 1.0.9, XMLBeans fix.

1.2.7 (2007-10-29)

Added: You can create an artifact from a given file using

artifact(<spec>).from(<path>). You can then install it into the local repository or upload it to the release server using install(<artifacts>) and upload(<artifacts>). (Idea: Shane Witbeck and Tommy Mason).

Added: ANTLR support.
Changed: Speed boost to ZIP packaging.
Changed: RjbWrapper is now JavaWrapper, and revised to nicely support JRuby.

A few other minor tweaks to make JRuby support possible in the future. (Travis Tilley)

Changed: JUnit now runs tests with clonevm false by default, you can change

with test.using :clonevm=>true (Karel)

Changed: JUnit now switches over to project's base directory.
Changed: package(:war).with(:libs, :classes) uses only these specified libs

and class directories, replacing any previous value.

Fixed: Jetty task no longer sets "log4j.configuration" system property
Fixed: release task didn't work

1.2.6 (2007-09-26)

Added: Option for setting environment name (-e) and attribute accessor

(Buildr.environment). Default taken from BUILDR_ENV environment variable.

Added: AAR packaging for Axis2 service archives (Alex Boisvert)
Added: Environment variable for JUnit tests (test.using :environment=>).
Added: tar method similar to zip method.
Added: Experimental transitive method.  Looks like artifacts, quacks like

artifacts, but returns artifacts by the boat load. (Credit, Daniel Roop)

Changed: Now accepting JAVA_OPTS in addition to JAVA_OPTIONS.
Changed: TarTask is now based on ArchiveTask, same API as ZipTask.
Changed: Javadoc array arguments now passed as multiple command line options

(e.g. :link=>[‘foo’, ‘bar’] becomes –link foo –link bar). (Daniel Roop)

Changed: Jetty task now uses SLF4J instead of commons-logging + log4j for

better hot-swap capability and plugability (Alex Boisvert)

Removed: Turns out --verbose command line option is useless.  Removed.
Fixed: Jetty task now uses WebAppContextClassLoader to support hot-swapping

webapps (Alex Boisvert)

Fixed: "release" task now works with SVN URLs ending with /branches/   (Alex


Fixed: Resources not included in JAR/WAR unless there's a src/main/java

directory (Olexandr Zakordonskyy).

Fixed: Files starting with dot (e.g. .config) not copied over as resource

files, and not included in ZIP (Olexandr Zakordonskyy).

Fixed: Empty directories not copied over as resources (Olexandr


Fixed: JAVA_OPTS and test.options[:java_args] not passed to JUnit task


Fixed: archive.exclude doesn't work when including a directory using

:from/:as option.

Fixed: JUnit/TestNG no longer run inner classes as test classes (Mark


1.2.5 (2007-08-13)

Fixed: Buildr not finding buildfile in parent directory, or switching to

parent directory.

Fixed: checks.rb:103: warning: multiple values for a block parameter (2 for


Fixed: ZIPs include empty META-INF directory.

1.2.4 (2007-08-03)

Added: Forking option for JUnit test framework: :once to fork for each

project, :each to fork for each test case, and false to not fork. (Tammo van Lessen)

Added: Path traversal in Zip, so zip.path("foo/bar").path("..") returns


Fixed: JUnit test framework output shows errors in console, more readable

when forking is on (Tammo van Lessen).

Fixed: Cobertura reports not working (Anatol Pomozov).
Fixed: Zip creates funky directory name when using :as (Tommy Mason).
Fixed: package_as_tar incorrectly calling with(options) (Tommy Mason).
Fixed: Loading of everything which should get rid of "already initialized

constant VERSION“ warning.

Fixed: --requires option now works properly when using buildr.
Fixed: MANIFEST.MF lines must not be longer than 72 characters (Tommy


Fixed: Creating manifest from array does not place Name first.
Fixed: Complain if no remote repositories defined, add at least one

repository when creating from POM, POM reader fails if dependencyManagement missing (Jean-Baptiste Quenot).

Fixed: Not looking for buildfile in parent directory.
Fixed: Project's compile/test task looking for options in local task of same


Fixed: ZIP/JAR/WAR include directory entries in some cases and not others.
Fixed: Computation of relative paths in Eclipse project generation (Cameron


1.2.3 (2007-07-26)

Added: Get your buildfile created form existing POM, just run buildr on

existing Maven project (Anatol Pomozov).

Added: package(:tar), package(:tgz), TarballTask dn TarTask (Tommy


Changed: The ArchiveTask needs no introduction: it's a base task that

provides common functionality for ZipTask, TarTask and friends.

Fixed: Release runs buildr instead of buildr.cmd on Windows (Chris Power).
Fixed: Cobertura reports broken (Anatol Pomozov).

1.2.2 (2007-07-18)

Added: resources.using and filter.using now accepts a format as the first

argument, default being :maven, but you can also use :ant, :ruby or pass a regular expression (groups.google.com/group/buildr-talk/browse_thread/thread/5216d5ae8bfff29b).

Fixed: Sleek upload with changelog for each release courtesy of Anatol


Fixed: Zip.path.contains fails on paths with more than one directory


Fixed: Speed of sorting entries when creating new Zip file


Fixed: Uploading using SFTP creates directory for uploaded file


1.2.1 (2007-07-12)

Added: Proxy exclusion, use environment variable NO_PROXY, or

options.proxy.exclude = <url> || [<url>] (groups.google.com/group/buildr-talk/t/9f1e988e0dbeea9f).

Added: You can now copy resources from multiple source directories, using

resources.from (groups.google.com/group/buildr-talk/browse_thread/thread/4f2867a6dbbc19d4).

Added: Hash.from_java_properties(string) and hash.to_java_properties.
Changed: Buildr.options now wrap various environment variables instead of

duplicating them (HTTP_PROXY, NO_PROXY, TEST, DEBUG).

Changed: No longer passing proxies to transports, instead they obtain them

from environment variables.

Changed: Buildr now uses XJavaDoc 1.1 instead of 1.1-j5. If you need the

1.1-j5 fix, see here groups.google.com/group/buildr-talk/browse_thread/thread/49f3226810466c94/1f0d25d002433fe2.

Fixed: One RubyForge release for all packages, instead of one per package

(Anatol Pomozov).

Fixed: buildr command does not recognize project tasks (foo:compile) or

default task (groups.google.com/group/buildr-talk/t/660061a0bc81989a).

Fixed: Upload fails on SFTP permissions.
Fixed: Hibernate.schema_export not passing Ant task when yielding.
Fixed: IntelliJ Idea project files generation for projects more than two

degrees deep.

1.2.0 (2007-06-06)

Added: Artifact.list returns specs for all registered artifacts (those

created with artifact or package).

Added: Buildr.option.java_args are used when creating the RJB JVM, when

running a Java process (unless you override directly), and when running JUnit tests (again, unless override).

Added: TestNG support (test.using :testng).
Added: You can run multiple tests from the command line, e.g. rake


Added: If you want to distribute source code and JavaDoc alongside your JARs

(helpful when using IDE/debugging), you can now do so by calling package_with_sources and package_with_javadoc on the project (or the parent project to affect all its sub-projects).

Added: junit:report task generates XML and HTML reports in the reports/junit


Added: test=all option runs all test cases ignoring failure.
Added: project generation for IntelliJ Idea. Imports dependencies properly

from your local repository (the M2_REPO path variable must be defined), supports tests and resources.

Added: A check task for each project that runs after packaging and can be

used to check the build itself, using RSpec matchers.

Added: The help task can be used to get basic information about your build.

Right now it returns a list of described tasks, but you can extend it using the help method. Try it out: rake help.

Added: Integration tests that run after packaging (unless tests are

disabled). There’s only one integration tests task (duh) that you can access from anywhere. You can tell a project to run its tests during the integration phase with test.using :integration.

Added: package :sources and package :javadoc, used by package_with_sources

and package_with_javadoc.

Added: Unzip paths now return root/target. (Nathan)
Added: buildr command line, replacing rake. Differs from rake in two ways:

uses buildfile by default (but Rakefile also works) and offers to create buildfile if you don’t already have one.

Added: options.proxy.http now set from the environment variable HTTP_PROXY

(Anatol Pomozov).

Added: options.java_args now set from environment variable JAVA_OPTIONS.
Changed: Filter now complains if source directory or target directory not

set, or if source directory does not exist.

Changed: Filter.run returns true if filter run, false otherwise, and can be

run multiple times.

Changed: repositories.proxy returns a URI or nil; you can still set a proxy

using a hash.

Changed: Transports went the way of the Dodo, instead we now use

read/write/download/upload methods implemented on URI itself.

Changed: We now have a way to configure multiple proxies through the

options.proxy method; use that instead of repositories.proxies.

Changed: Upgraded to Ant 1.7.0, JUnit 4.3, JMock 1.2.
Changed: TestTask now provides list of test classes and failed classes

through test_classes and failed_tests attributes.

Changed: The jetty method is now available everywhere, so you can change the

URL using jetty.url = at the top of the Rakefile. Also upgraded to 6.1.3.

Changed: Test classes are now identified as either starting with Test* or

ending with *Test, before attempting any include/exclude patterns. Anything ending with *TestCase or *Suite ignored for now (but if you explain why, we can add it back).

Changed: What used to be the projects task is now help:projects task,

anticipating more help: tasks to come.

Changed: We now have 3(!) JDepend tasks: jdepend:swing (with windows!),

jdepend:text (console) and jdepend:xml (enterprisy).

Changed: Good news for packagers: package_as_ yield no longer required, just

make sure to create the task once and return it each time.

Changed: JUnit tests now run using Ant, which makes them faster to run, and

gives you text/XML reports (check out the reports/junit directory).

Changed: Cobertura now writes reports to reports/cobertura, in fact, if

you’re looking for a report of any kind, the reports directory is the place to find it.

Changed: Upgraded to AntWrap 0.6. Note that with AntWrap 0.6 we yield to the

block instead of doing instance_eval, so any call to the ant project must be prefixed with an AntProject object. Code that relies on the old functionality (and that’s pretty much any code with element-containing tasks) will break.

Changed: artifacts now accepts a struct.
Changed: The repositories.download method folded into Artifact, the

repositories.deploy method renamed upload and folded into ActsAsArtifact.

Changed: The deploy task is now called upload, and repositories.deploy_to is

now repositories.release_to.

Removed: The check task, which previously was a way to find some circular

dependencies (multitask) but not others (dynamically defined).

Removed: JUnitTask, test.junit and Java.junit methods all deprecated;

anything you need to affect the unit tests is right there in TestTask.

Removed: The package(:jar) and package(:war) options, such as :manifest,

:include, :libs are all deprecated. Instead, use the package method to define the package, and the with method to enhance it, e.g. package(:war).with(:libs=>…) instead of package(:war, :libs=>…).

Removed: The []= method on ZipTask and anything derived from it is

deprecated in favor of using attribute accessors.

Removed: Ant.executable and Ant.declarative are deprecated. Use Buildr.ant

instead of Ant.executable. Use AntWrap directly if you need the Ant.declarative functionality.

Fixed: Filter now properly handles multiple keys on the same line.
Fixed: Tests teardown now properly executing.
Fixed: Cobertura tasks now run tests, even if test=no.
Fixed: XMLBeans compile task not detecting change to XSD file.
Fixed: URI.download and download task do not create directory path for

downloaded file (Anders Bengtsson).

Fixed: Gets JVM version number from system property java.version instead of

calling java -version.

Fixed: Artifact downloads POM first, such that you can download/create/fake

it youself.

1.1.3 (2007-06-12)

Added: Long awaited idea project files generation. Very early code, the iml

seems to be generated okay but needs testing. The ipr is still missing but will come in due time (and it’s not always necessary anyway).

Fixed: Doc bug: unzip doesn't have an into(dir) method.
Fixed: File names don't always have a dot.
Fixed: For Jetty servers, http://foo//bar is not http://foo/bar

1.1.2 (2007-05-29)

Added: Allow passing :java_args option to the junit task
Added: Hibernate XDoclet and SchemaExport tasks. (Requires buildr/hibernate)
Added: JDepend UI for seeing depenencies across all projects. (Requires


Added: Cobertura test coverage tasks, reporting both html and xml. (Requires


Changed: tools_jar now returns empty array on OS X, part of the ongoing

Write Once/Test Everywere effort. (Credit Paul Brown)

Fixed: Work around keep_alive bug in Net::HTTP.


1.1.1 (2007-05-16)

Changed: Test case class names must end with Test, TestCase, Suite or


Changed: You can now run rake test:{foo,bar} to match against either foo or

bar (requires {..} on UNIX).

Changed: JAVA_HOME now required on all platforms, along with more OS X

fixes. (Credit Paul Brown)

Fixed: You can now run rake test:<name> from any directory, and it will find

just the right test cases.

1.1.0 (2007-05-13)

Added: Proxy setting for downloading from remote repositories (use

repositories.proxy = …).

Added: projects task to list all the projects you can build.
Added: Project attribute target to specify the target directory.
Changed: The project and projects methods now accepts relative names when

called on a project. For example, project(“foo”).project(“bar”) finds the sub-project “bar” in “foo”.

Changed: The project method now returns self if called on a method with no


Changed: The -warning flag (javac) is now set to true only when verbose.
Changed: OpenJPA mapping now using Ant task instead of spawning another Java


Changed: The test:name pattern translates to *name* so you can run tests by

package name, but only if you don’t use * in the pattern.

Changed: All projects are not evaluated when referenced (i.e. calling

project/projects) or before running any task. Project tasks do not exist until a projet is evaluated.

Removed: The projects method no longer accepts the :in argument, call

projects on a project instead.

Fixed: Local directory tasks now work from any directory in the project.
Fixed: Artifacts no longer created with timestamp from server.
Fixed: Buildr no longer fails when run without tools.jar or JAVA_HOME

(OS X). (Credit Lyle Johnson)

Fixed: Manifest gets EOL to keep EOF company. (Credit Tommy Knowlton)
Fixed: Compile tasks clean after themselves when target directory changed.

(Credit Lyle Johnson)

1.0.0 (2007-05-04)

Added: buildr:freeze and buildr:unfreeze task. These set the Rakefile to use

a particular version of Buildr, freezing by setting to the current version of Buildr, unfreeze to use the latest Gem.

Added: Buildr.options, with three options to start with: test, debug and


Added: Buildr.option.debug or environment variable DEBUG to control the

compiler debug option. Defaults to yes, except when doing a release.

Changed: Buildr now fails nicely if JAVA_HOME not set.
Changed: Migrated test cases to RSpec 0.9.
Changed: Extended circular dependency check to multitask.
Changed: JavaCC using RJB.
Changed: OpenJPA 0.9.7 no longer snapshoted.
Fixed: For Windows users: user's home directory, fu_check_options is now

rake_check_options, java command works around funky system bbug.

0.22 (2007-04-26)

Added: Calling projects(:in=>foo) returns only the sub-projects defined in


Added: _() as shortcut for path_to().
Added: You can pass properties to java by setting the :properties options.
Added: JUnit task has a way of setting options (options accessor and using

method), which for now supports passing properties to java.

Added: You can now use the struct method to create a Struct for structoring

your multiple artifacts.

Changed: Use rake artifacts to download all artifacts not already in the

local repository, and also download modified artifacts (*cough*snapshots*cough*)

Changed: Transport.download now uses timestamp on the destination file and

If-Modified-Since header to skip downloads of unmodified files.

Changed: Downloading artifact sets the time stamp from the repository.
Changed: Use buildr.rake in the project's directory and your home directory,

instead of buildr.rb.

Changed: filter method accepts one argument, the source directory. Use


Changed: Running Javac/Apt/Javadoc in process.
Changed: Using Ant for OpenJPA enhancer and XMLBeans schema compiler.
Changed: Jetty, JavaCC, OpenJPA and XMLBeans are no longer included by

default. You need to require them explicitly, e.g. require “buildr/jetty”.

Removed: Tasks no longer use a base directory, always map paths directly

using file, path_to or _().

Fixed: The artifacts task no longer downloads POMs for artifacts created by

the Rakefile.

0.21 (2007-04-20)

Added: Methods to read and write a file (shortcut for


Changed: Filter task now takes a source directory and target directory, and

copies all included (sans excluded) files between the two.

Changed: Artifact type is now symbol instead of string (so :jar instead of

“jar”). You can still specify a string, but the return value from to_spec or type is a symbol.

Changed: Eclipse task now adds "src/main/resources", "src/test/java",

“src/test/resources” to build path, and excludes “.svn” and “CVS” directories from being copied into target directories.

Changed: The test task will now run JUnit test cases from classes ending

with Test or Suite. And the inclusion pattern is always set.

Fixed: Project property not inherited if false.

0.20 (2007-04-18)

Added: JavadocTask to generate Javadoc documentation for the project,

javadoc method on the project itself to return its javadoc task, and Java.javadoc to do all the heavy lifting.

Changed: Release code is now implemented as module instead of class. SVN

copy made from working copy instead of double commit.

Removed: package :file_name options. Does not work with deployed artifacts

or POMs.

Fixed: Packages not deployed in the right path (but POMs are).
Fixed: JARs and WARs include redundant META-INF directory.
Fixed: The local package task is now a dependency for install/deploy, and

build is dependency for package.

0.19 (2007-04-13)

Fixed: Eclipse task correctly handles FileTasks
Fixed: Eclipse task output directory is "target/classes"

(Project.compile.target) instead of “/target”

Added: Set specific file permissions when uploading with SFTP transport with

:permission option

Fixed: Correctly use JAVA_HOME environment variable, if available, for

determining java version

Added: ConcatTask and concat: a file task that creates or updates the target

file by concatenating all the file prerequisites.

Added: Ant module (requires antwrap and rjb Gems), so also added RJB setup


Added: When zipping you can include the contents of a directory using


Added: Convenience apt method returns a file task that generates sources

using APT.

Added: Convenience open_jpa_enhance method to enhance compiled files.
Added: Convenience compile_xml_beans setups the compiler to include

XSD-generated XML Beans.

Added: Convenience javacc/jjtraa methods return file tasks that generate

source files.

Added: build is now the default task.
Added: jetty:start and jetty:stop tasks to start/stop the server from the


Added: jetty:use to start Jetty inside the build or hook to an existing


Added: jetty:setup and jetty:teardown to perform tasks around jetty:use.
Added: The local build task will now execute the local test task. So

building a project (or sub-project) will run the test cases on that project (or sub-project) but not any of its dependencies.

Added: ZipTask accepts nested path (i.e. calling path inside a path).
Added: package(:war) by defaults picks libraries from the compiler

classpath. You can always override by passing the :libs option.

Changed: Eclipse task now generates library path with M2_REPO variable or

project-relative paths where appropriate

Changed: compile.target (CompileTask) and resources.target (Filter) are now

file tasks, not strings. So passing the target to someone else will hopefully convience them to invoke or enhance it.

Changed: Java related tasks like OpenJPA, XMLBeans, JavaCC all moved to the

Buildr::Java module.

Changed: Handling of package_as arguments to support JBI packaging.
Changed: meta_inf project property is an array accepting filenames (strings)

and file tasks.

Changed: meta_info by default only includes the LICENSE file from the

top-level project.

Changed: The WarTask :classes argument is now a directory name, and will

include all files in this directory.

Changed: WarTask and JarTask accept meta_inf argument.
Changed: Behavior of needed? and prerequsities in base Rake::Task. This will

probably not affect you, but don’t be surprised if it disappears (see lib/core/rake_ext.rb for details).

Changed: Were previous the test task would link to test.run, it now executes

the entire test lifecycle, and is the major point for extending the test lifecycle.

Changed: test.run is now test.junit.
Changed: Ant.define is now Ant.declarative, Ant.execute is now


Changed: The filter method now returns a Filter class that can be used to

set a filter, but is not itself a task. Instead, it creates a task when setting its target.

Changed: Project.resources now returns a ResourceTask that includes, but is

not itself a filter, accessed using the accessor filter.

Changed: UnzipTask eliminated and replaced with Unzip which you now have to

run directly by calling extract. However, unzip method creates a file task and returns an Unzip object that can be used as a reference to that file task.

Changed: Attributes is now InheritedAttributes.
Changed: The first call to package configures the package task from the

options, the second call only returns the package task.

Removed: :cp argument, always use :classpath.
Removed: src_dir, java_src_dir, target_dir, webapp_src_dir and all other

premature configuration attributes.

Removed: Project tests method deprecated in favor of a single test method;

it now accepts an enhancement block, not an instance_eval block.

Removed: FilterTask is dead.
Removed: sub_projects method. Is anyone using this?
Fixed: Local buildr.rb not loaded from running from inside a sub-project


Fixed: Eclipse task now executed whenever a change is made in the Rakefile,

or any file it requires, include buildr.rb and task files.

Fixed: Circular dependency in release task.

0.18 (2007-03-26)

Added: manifest attribute on project, used by default when packaging


Added: default manifest includes build-by, build-jdk and


Added: compile.from(sources) in the same vein as compile.with(classpath)
Added: load all *.rake files form the tasks directory (if exists) for use

in the main Rakefile.

Added: Java.tools returns a reference to tools.jar on JDKs that include it.
Added: brought back experimental test tasks.
Added: artifacts task to download all artifacts referenced by project (using

either artifact or artifacts method).

Changed: back to old behavior, compile task only executes if there are any

files to compile, and compile? method removed.

Changed: repositories.remote is now an array instead of a hash, and

repositories are searched in the order in which they appear.

Changed: release task is now a regular task, using the Release object

instead of being a ReleaseTask.

Changed: eclipse task executes artifacts task.
Fixed: inherited attributes now cache default value, useful when working

with arrays/hashes.

Fixed: manifest file generated even if manifest attribute is false.
Fixed: compile task now properly detects when not all files compiled.
Fixed: bug that caused project file tasks to execute twice.

0.17 (2007-03-14)

Added: project.task acts like Rake's task but can also fetch a task from a

project using the project’s namespace.

Added: project.file acts like Rake's file but resolve relative paths based

on the project base directory.

Added: Rake tasks execute in the directory in which they were defined.
Added: enhanced Rake with circular dependency, and you can find all circular

dependencies by running rake check.

Added: enhanced Rake in_namespace, if the namespace starts with colon,

creates a namespace relative to the root instead of the current namespace.

Changed: a project definition is now a task definition.
Changed: use enhance to extend the project definition instead of


Changed: LocalDirectoryTask replaced with Project.local_task.
Changed: projects method accepts multiple names, returning only these

project definitions, returns all of them with no arguments.

Changed: packge only defines the essentials once, so you can call package on

a project to retrieve a specific package by type/id.

Changed: zip task (and jar/war) no longer resolve artifacts for you, must

call artifacts directly.

Changed: cannot access a project before it's defined, but can do that with

sub-projects to establish dependencies.

0.16 (2007-03-07)

Added: zip.include :as=> to include file under specified name.
Added: zip.merge to include the (expanded) contents of one zip file in


Added: experimental test task using JUnit and JMock.
Changed: project.to_s returns name, projects returns sorted by name.
Changed: project definition now executed using project's base directory as

the current directory.

Fixed: artifact test cases and minor code cleanup.
Fixed: attempts to download artifact even if created by task.
Fixed: release task now deletes old tagged copy and reports SVN usage.
Fixed: OpenJPA not including target directory in classpath.

0.15 (2007-02-28)

Fixed: tasks fail unless deployment server specified.
Changed: deploy method executes deployment, instead of returning a task.

0.14 (2007-02-28)

Added: check task that looks for obvious errors in the Rakefile.
Added: deploy task for managing deployment.
Added: release task that updates version numbers, commits and tags SVN.
Changed: the project name is now the fully qualified name, e.g. ode:axis2
Changed: you can now lookup a project before it's defined; you still can

only define a project once.

Changed: you can lookup projects by full qualified name.
Changed: release_to changed to deploy_to, which is now a getter/setter.
Fixed: removed Java.home which conflicted with JRuby.
Fixed: install task did not re-install modified files.
Fixed: deploying only uploads one artifact.
Fixed: timing issues.
Fixed: Maven classifier now used properly.

0.13 (2007-02-26)

Added: global java method.
Added: project build method.
Added: OpenJPA mapping_tool method.
Added: Rakefile to generate Gem.
Changed: you can now lookup a sub-project from the top project method.
Changed: the projects methods return all sub-projects.
Fixed: bug in JarTask that resolved artifacts too early.
Fixed: global tasks (clean, build, etc) now complain if executed from a

directory that does not map to any project.

Fixed: to work with Rake 0.7.2.

0.12 (2007-02-24)

Added: call prepare with list of tasks to add them as prerequisites.
Added: project.id returns the compound name, e.g. foo, foo-bar,


Added: JavaCC, XMLBeans schema compiler, OpenJPA enhancer, APT tasks.
Changed: the default package ID is take from the project ID instead of its


Changed: renamed buildr and moved here.
Changed: moved all code into Buildr module.
Fixed: download breaking when POM not found.
Fixed: compile task fails if classpath is empty.
Fixed: zip task fails if target directory does not exist.
Fixed: packaging task does not require build.
Fixed: compiler not showing command when trace is on.
Fixed: zip dependencies were all fucked up.
Fixed: package should not depend on build.

0.11 (2007-02-16)

Added: test cases for unzip task
Added: prepare method to access prepare task
Added: prepare, compile and resources accept a block you can use to enhance

the task

Changed: ZipTask executes all includes files as prerequisites, and now

includes directories correctly

Changed: Jar/WarTask are now extended using with(options) method
Changed: JarTask now accepts array of sections (each being a hash) for the

manifest, and a proc/method to generate it

Changed: added HighLine to hide password entry on the command line
Changed: unzip now using UnzipTask with its own shorthand syntax.
Changed: filter task gets a consistent syntax to unzip

0.10 (2007-02-13)

Added: modifier for artifacts
Added: ZipTask, WarTask
Added: get POM artifact directly from artifact
Changed: JAR and WAR packaging based on new and improved Zip task
Changed: options for packaging, but not affecting current Rakefile
Remove: delete task

0.9 (2007-02-09)

Added: attributes for configuring compile (sources, classpath, target,


Added: shorthand notation for specifying compilation (to, with, using)
Changed: copy task is dead (name conflict), instead we get the better filter

task with include/exclude patterns

Changed: rewrite of compile task, now better than ever
Changed: compile can be used inside and outside project
Changed: compiler no longer infers anything from its prerequisites
Changed: compiler accepts files, artifacts and tasks on the classpath
Changed: resources task now working as expected
Remove: global task artifacts was the root of all evil and got canned.

0.8 (2007-02-05)

Added: release task and release_to configuration for repositories
Added: SFTP uploader for releases
Added: convenience method group() for specifying multiple artifacts in same

group and version number

Added: install target copies package to local repository and adds a POM,

uninstall package removes package (and POM) from local repository

Changed: project lookup now happens through project() method
Changed: locating file in the local repository now happens through


Changed: downloading file into the local repository now happens through


Changed: notation for specifying multiple artifacts in a string is now


Changed: artifact identifier is now specified with the key :id
Changed: download POM alongside artifact and install in local repository
Changed: no more scoping artifacts collection in project, use compile.with


Changed: moved HTTP download logic to transports.rb
Removed: deprecated grouping with multiple artifacts under id key

0.6 (2007-02-01)

Added:   Artifact resolution introduces the notion of a spec, which can be

supported using ActsAsArtifact

Added:   You can now use a project as an artifact, resulting in all its

packages being added, or use a task as artifact

Changed: project.sub_projects renamed project.projects
Changed: what used to be called dependencies is now called artifacts
Changed: all artifacts are now created as tasks that know how to download

themselves unless some other behavior is specified

Changed: local and remote repositories are now defined on the Rakefile

instead of individual projects

Changed: attributes now stored directly as instance variables
Changed: ANSI colors and progress bar now using Ruby Facets

0.5 (2007-01-24)

Added: Build number for each top-level project, build_number method for

accessing it and build:increment task for updating the build number file.

Added: to_path method on project to resolve paths relative to base_dir.
Added: recursive_task method on project to create task in


Added: compiler property for passing any options to Javac.
Changed: remove task renamed uninstall.
Changed: and to confuse more remove task (RemoveTask) renamed delete.
Changed: consolidated before_create/after_create to on_create.
Changed: version, group, artifact added as accessors to project.
Changed: project definition block takes project as argument.
Changed: project enhanced only if new settings or block.
Changed: local_repository is now separate attribute from repositories.
Changed: Directory structure, now split into rbs, rbs-java and tasks.
Removed: project.options. Using a different attributes mechanism.

0.4 (2007-01-23)

Added: CopyTask now deals with files and directories, can copy multiple

files, and applies filter to all of them. Filter can be a hash or a proc.

Added: Project gets resources_filter attribute that can be used to set the

filter on all copied resources.

Added: HTTP module for getting and downloading files, and a download task.
Changed: Dependencies now check signatures for every file, if available, and

show download progress.

0.3 (2007-01-22)

Added: Dependencies loaded from Maven repositories if not existing or built

by project. Use rake dependencies to force update, or let compilation take care of it.

Added: Copy task for copying one file to another, and filtering support.

0.2 (2007-01-21)

Added: remove task to get rid of packages added to the local repository.
Changed: recompile project if any of its dependencies is newer than the

source code. Will cause recompile if any of the dependencies was compiled and packaged again.

Changed: compile task depends on javac task and resource copy tasks.  This

might change when adding filtering later on.

0.1 (2007-01-19)

Added: build and clean tasks
Added: resources are now copied over during compilation
Added: POM file generated in local repository (keep Maven happy)
Added: compile scope for use by javac
Added: WAR packaging.
Changed: Root project operates on the current directory, sub-projects on sub

directories. See Rakefile for example.