class Buildr::Packaging::Java::JarTask

Extends the ZipTask to create a JAR file.

This task supports two additional attributes: manifest and meta-inf.

The manifest attribute specifies how to create the MANIFEST.MF file.

The meta-inf attribute lists one or more files that should be copied into the META-INF directory.

For example:

package(:jar).meta_inf << file('README')

Public Instance Methods

with(options) → self click to toggle source

Additional Pass options to the task. Returns self. ZipTask itself does not support any options, but other tasks (e.g. JarTask, WarTask) do.

For example:

Calls superclass method Buildr::ArchiveTask#with
# File lib/buildr/java/packaging.rb, line 228
def with(*args)
  super args.pop if Hash === args.last
  fail "package.with() should not contain nil values" if args.include? nil
  include :from=>args if args.size > 0