Once you have read about Getting Started and looked at the Enterprise Integration Patterns you might want to try out some examples.

Before starting to work on example you may want to check the requirements for working with Camel. Then Running Examples describes how to get the examples to run

Walk throughs

  • Walk through an Example will walk through the code of the first example so you can understand how things fit together using a simple Java main(String[] args) method and using the DSL to set up some routes.
  • Walk through another example we continue the walk and look at the Spring DSL (XML based) routing.
These examples listed below, is hosted at Apache. We offer the Articles page where we have a link collection for 3rd party Camel material, such as tutorials, blog posts, published articles, videos, pod casts, presentations, and so forth.

If you have written a Camel related article, then we are happy to provide a link to it. You can contact the Camel Team, for example using the Mailing Lists, (or post a tweet with the word Apache Camel).


More examples
See also Tutorials for more examples, as well as Cookbook.

See Also

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