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Before posting you might want to read the Tips for getting help.

Many users prefer to use online forums rather than joining a mail list which can lead to lots more email traffic so we use the online forums at Nabble forums which also work with our Mailing Lists so that both stay completely in sync. Use either the mailing lists or online forums, its completely up to you.

Must be a subscriber when posting on forum
You have to be a subscriber of the Camel mailinglist to be able to post on the user forum (Nabble) and have those posts forwarded to the Camel mailinglist. It's on the Camel mailinglist where all the experts is listening and will be able to help you. If you are not a subscriber your post will not be forwarded and thus most people will not see your post.

If you use Google Mail then it's easy to setup a rule which can move mails from the mailinglist into a 'Camel user' label. This way its easy to organize your mailbox.

Positing from Nabble

Issues with Nabble
There are three major issues if you use Nabble
  • you must be a subscriber of the mailing list, to have your mails forwarded to the real mailing list. If not the mails will have to be moderated, which takes extra time, and put burden on the Camel team, having to moderate mails.
  • TURN OFF HTML MAILS! - Mails as plain text is generally more accepted by the Apache mailing list than HTML mails (latter is more SPAM infected))
  • any XML you paste and post from Nabble is removed and not included in the mails forwarded to the real mailing list

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If you prefer to use a mailing list instead then check out our Mailing Lists. Note that the Forums and Mailing Lists are kept in sync so its your choice which you use.

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