Camel Components for Amazon Web Services

The Camel Components for Amazon Web Services provide connectivity to AWS services from Camel.

AWS serviceCamel componentCamel VersionComponent description
Simple Queue Service (SQS)AWS-SQS2.6.0Supports sending and receiving messages using SQS
Simple Notification Service (SNS)AWS-SNS2.8.0Supports sending messages using SNS
Simple Storage Service (S3)AWS-S32.8.0Supports storing and retrieving of objects using S3
Simple Email Service (SES)AWS-SES2.8.4Supports sending emails using SES
SimpleDBAWS-SDB2.8.4Supports storing retrieving data to/from SDB
DynamoDBAWS-DDB2.10.0Supports storing retrieving data to/from DDB
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