SDB Component

Available as of Camel 2.8.4

The sdb component supports storing and retrieving data from/to Amazon's SDB service.

You must have a valid Amazon Web Services developer account, and be signed up to use Amazon SDB. More information are available at Amazon SDB.

URI Format


You can append query options to the URI in the following format, ?options=value&option2=value&...

URI Options

Name Default Value Context Description
amazonSDBClient null Producer Reference to a in the Registry.
accessKey null Producer Amazon AWS Access Key
secretKey null Producer Amazon AWS Secret Key
amazonSdbEndpoint null Producer The region with which the AWS-SDB client wants to work with.
domainName null Producer The name of the domain currently worked with.
maxNumberOfDomains 100 Producer The maximum number of domain names you want returned. The range is 1 * to 100.
consistentRead false Producer Determines whether or not strong consistency should be enforced when data is read.
operation PutAttributes Producer Valid values are BatchDeleteAttributes, BatchPutAttributes, DeleteAttributes, DeleteDomain, DomainMetadata, GetAttributes, ListDomains, PutAttributes, Select.
Required SDB component options
You have to provide the amazonSDBClient in the Registry or your accessKey and secretKey to access the Amazon's SDB.


Message headers evaluated by the SDB producer

Header Type Description
CamelAwsSdbAttributes Collection<Attribute> List of attributes to be acted upon.
CamelAwsSdbAttributeNames Collection<String> The names of the attributes to be retrieved.
CamelAwsSdbConsistentRead Boolean Determines whether or not strong consistency should be enforced when data is read.
CamelAwsSdbDeletableItems Collection<DeletableItem> A list of items on which to perform the delete operation in a batch.
CamelAwsSdbDomainName String The name of the domain currently worked with.
CamelAwsSdbItemName String The unique key for this item
CamelAwsSdbMaxNumberOfDomains Integer The maximum number of domain names you want returned. The range is 1 * to 100.
CamelAwsSdbNextToken String A string specifying where to start the next list of domain/item names.
CamelAwsSdbOperation String To override the operation from the URI options.
CamelAwsSdbReplaceableAttributes Collection<ReplaceableAttribute> List of attributes to put in an Item.
CamelAwsSdbReplaceableItems Collection<ReplaceableItem> A list of items to put in a Domain.
CamelAwsSdbSelectExpression String The expression used to query the domain.
CamelAwsSdbUpdateCondition String The update condition which, if specified, determines whether the specified attributes will be updated/deleted or not.

Message headers set during DomainMetadata operation

Header Type Description
CamelAwsSdbTimestamp Integer The data and time when metadata was calculated, in Epoch (UNIX) seconds.
CamelAwsSdbItemCount Integer The number of all items in the domain.
CamelAwsSdbAttributeNameCount Integer The number of unique attribute names in the domain.
CamelAwsSdbAttributeValueCount Integer The number of all attribute name/value pairs in the domain.
CamelAwsSdbAttributeNameSize Long The total size of all unique attribute names in the domain, in bytes.
CamelAwsSdbAttributeValueSize Long The total size of all attribute values in the domain, in bytes.
CamelAwsSdbItemNameSize Long The total size of all item names in the domain, in bytes.

Message headers set during GetAttributes operation

Header Type Description
CamelAwsSdbAttributes List<Attribute> The list of attributes returned by the operation.

Message headers set during ListDomains operation

Header Type Description
CamelAwsSdbDomainNames List<String> A list of domain names that match the expression.
CamelAwsSdbNextToken String An opaque token indicating that there are more domains than the specified MaxNumberOfDomains still available.

Message headers set during Select operation

Header Type Description
CamelAwsSdbItems List<Item> A list of items that match the select expression.
CamelAwsSdbNextToken String An opaque token indicating that more items than MaxNumberOfItems were matched, the response size exceeded 1 megabyte, or the execution time exceeded 5 seconds.

Advanced AmazonSimpleDBClient configuration

If you need more control over the AmazonSimpleDBClient configuration you can create your own instance and refer to it from the URI:


The #amazonSDBClient refers to a AmazonSimpleDBClient in the Registry.

For example if your Camel Application is running behind a firewall:

AWSCredentials awsCredentials = new BasicAWSCredentials("myAccessKey", "mySecretKey");
ClientConfiguration clientConfiguration = new ClientConfiguration();
AmazonSimpleDBClient amazonSDBClient = new AmazonSimpleDBClient(awsCredentials, clientConfiguration);


Maven users will need to add the following dependency to their pom.xml.


where ${camel-version} must be replaced by the actual version of Camel (2.8.4 or higher).

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