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This application shows the membership of PMCs and various LDAP groups used for granting karma. It can also show the groups to which a person belongs.

Note: for the purpose of this application, ASF members are considered to be a PMC, i.e. ?pmc=member shows the list of current ASF members.
There is no LDAP committee 'member' group. There is an LDAP unix 'member' group (which is used to grant member karma)


As well as using the search fields to find projects or people, the application supports direct query access in the form:


The possible types are listed below; click on a link to run the sample query (opens in new tab)


Committers may provide homepage URLs in LDAP:
Login to https://id.apache.org/ and populate the "Homepage URL:" field.
Remember to provide your password (near the bottom of the page) before pressing submit

PMC membership is defined by the contents of the committee-info.txt file. The corresponding data file is committee-info.json.

All PMC members should be owners of the LDAP project group.
Membership of this LDAP group is used to grant karma for some parts of SVN that are private to the PMC and to give access to the PMC mail archives.
The LDAP project owners group should not normally contain people who are not on the PMC.

All PMC members should also be members of the LDAP project group. This group is used to grant karma for SVN.

Data Sources

This site is generated from the following Whimsy data:


This web application is maintained by the Infrastructure team.

The source code is currently stored at:

svn co https://svn.apache.org/repos/infra/infrastructure/trunk/projects/home