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Managing Your Details

The data shown on this site is generated from data provided and controlled by you, the committers. Inclusion of your details is entirely voluntary.

The data is stored in FOAF files, an RDF format designed to store personal details and establish relationships. Presently the relationship aspects are not used by the ASF.

The events listed on the Calendar page are also generated using RDF files (conforming to the RDFCal format). Files can be created using the Cal-A-Matic and then referenced from your FOAF file to be included in the Calendar page automatically.

Privacy Issues

FOAF files can contain a large amount of personal information - not all of it suitable for publishing directly on the web. Files that are stored within the committers repository should be treated as confidential and not given to non-committers without the explicit permission of the person.

Some people have FOAF files already available and these can be used.

Public Information

The following information is made available on this website from the files provided.

PGP keys may additionally be added to your profile on This will cause them to be added to, and make them available to other infrastructure tools in the future.

Private Information

The following information can be stored in the FOAF files but is not published on these pages. It is planned to make this information available on a private, restricted access website for committers. However, note that if the FOAF itself is stored at a public URL, anyone can read it directly. FOAF files stored under can only be read by other ASF committers.

How do I start?

- I don't have a foaf file!

Visit the foaf-a-matic and create a foaf file.

- Uploading your foaf file

Once you have the file, commit it to

- Use the correct SVN mime-type when committing your foaf file

Please ensure that the FOAF file is treated as a text file by SVN

Please do NOT use the mime-type "application/xml" as that is treated as binary by SVN.

- I have a foaf file!

As long as it's publically accessible, simply add your URL to the file 'external.xml' that can be found in committers/info.

NB Please either add a link OR commit a file - doing both will result in you being listed twice!

I'm not visible?!

The site is generated every 3 hours, so you should appear soon! If your details do not appear, it may be because of an error in the FOAF file. Check that the entries correspond with the rules on the foaf-a-matic page (see under Notes).

How to help develop the site?

ASF Committers can join the site-dev mail list.

The code for this application is at:

Here are some hints to setup a local sandbox:

  1. checkout the code for the application:
    svn co infrastructure/site/trunk/people
  2. checkout the committers info into the infrastructure/site/trunk/ folder:
    svn co infrastructure/site/trunk/info
  3. cd to the infrastructure/site/trunk/people folder
  4. run the ant command to build the people site
  5. the script will use the templates in the people/templates folder, and the committers' information in the info folder to create the html files in the people/site folder