User Guide


It is expected that the reader of the user guide documentation should has an understanding of Java Web Application development, and Java Portlet Development.

Pluto - The Pluto Container

Pluto is the reference implementation of the Portlet Specification. It is a portlet container which manages the lifecycle and request processing of portlets which adhere to the specification.

In an of itself, Pluto is not very usefull to the end user. As a container, it does not have any understanding of portlet invocation, portlet aggregation or other portal specific features.

For more information on how to integrate Pluto into your portal, please see the developer guides.

Pluto Portal Driver - The Test Portal

The Pluto Portal Driver is a simple portal implementation that is provided for convenience sake. It's purpose is to provide aggregation support so that Pluto may be easily tested, and portlets may be easily developed.

For information on how to use, configure, and customize the Portal Driver, please see the Portal Driver User Guide.

Pluto TestSuite - The Test Portlet Application

The Pluto TestSuite is a Portlet Application which can be used to test Portlet Implementations. The TestSuite tests several basic portlet functions and is a quick and dirty way to test for Portlet Specification compliance. While a quick test of a portal using the testsuite won't garuntee compliance, it will help flag any notable incompliance.

For information on how to use and configure the TestSuite, please see the TestSuite User Guide