Hi :-)
As you can see, this is my old-style traditional hosted homepage. Does anyone remember Geocities?

The theme of these pages is just to serve as my playground, thoughts etc and were written/developed moslty during 1998 - 2004. These are updated rarely and randomly. Here is an overview of the stuff you find here. Some of these pages such as Play and Kids are tested only for Internet Explorer.

Latest: Always holds most recent pages before they are moved to a category - currently has the following.

  • Two Movers: A collection of over 10,000 chess puzzles most of which are two movers, composed over the past couple of centuries.
  • Gandhi: The well-known autobiography of Gandhi titled "My experiments with Truth". Raw content is from wikimedia and I provided the page styling and navigation.
  • Calendar: A DHTML calendar with editable year and other features.
  • Dictonary: An English language dictionary buuilt using XML and XSLT, with original content from 1913 US Webster's Unabridged Dictionary.

This is mostly images generated by the programs developed by me. You can't miss Fractal Trees and paper fold dragon. Also has a VML Editor (Graphite) developed using the power of Javascript, DHTML and VML.

These pages mostly have kid stuff - puzzles, games etc. Pressing "h" key while on these pages generally brings up help information. If it is a board game, use arrow keys to move betwen cells, and space key to clear the cells. None of the games use any images or icons.

A couple of exercises for kids - finding the word out of its jumbled form, and finding the value of x from an equation. Both are timed exercises.

The Simpsons is the latest addition to this category. Also has some puzzle collections and an approach to solve Rubik cube.

About me : Currently I work as a software architect in Hyderabad, India. In the past, I worked as a Teacher, Mining Engineer, Researcher in numercial modeling, Scientist in rock mechanics, Software programmer. By family profession, I'm a farmer. I love programming, chess, villages, swimming and challenges.