Release Notes 5.2.2

It is now possible to generate an absolute URL from a Link object; an absolute URL includes the URL scheme, host, port number (if necessary) followed by the complete path. This is useful in a number of situations, such as when generating a URL that may be e-mailed to an end user.

The semantics of the Link.toAbsoluteURL() method has changed; in prior releases it returned a complete URL (i.e., starting with a leading slash), and the method was typically used when generating an Ajax callback URL. Starting in 5.2.2 this generates an absolute URL (as described above). In most cases, you should change code that invoked toAbsoluteURL() with a call to toURL() instead; because Tapestry no longer 'optimizes' URLs, this will work for Ajax cases as well.

Deployed Tapestry applications often run behind a firewall, the available Request information about incoming hostname and port is often not accurate (it represents the private request from the firewall server to the application server, whereas the client uses a public request to the firewall server). When using absolute URLs, you will likely want to override the BaseURLSource service to provide accurate values that reflect your application's deployment.

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