*** Express Survey ***

(Starting on: Nov 8th, 2004)

How do you think about creating a Japanese-specific list for Axis?

  I'm doing a survey of public perception of the new list.
  Based upon the result, I'd like to decide whether or not to provide the list for Japanese users. All Japanese of Axis users have to use English for information gathering so far. It's very useful we can communicate with other Axis users on an information exchange, or Q and A in Japanese.
  On this occasion, please let me know your thought by e-mail.


Toshi <toshi@apache.org>
Apache Axis Committer

  1. The subject should be "[Survey] Creating a Japanese ML for WS".
  2. (I can't use Japanese-encoded subjects at this point.)
  3. The number of responses is one of important factor.
  4. (Let's join the vote actively.)
  5. You can say easy - just "Agree/Disagree" and "reasons".
  6. It's ok to send "+1" as the Apache vote process, if you're swamped.
  7. If you have an acquaintance who is interested in this issue, please forward this to him/her.
  8. Please send your thought freely.

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