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Apache Lenya Documentation


In getting started with Lenya, one must learn not only a number of concepts, but a number of details as well.

More documentation (work in progress) can be found at the Cocoon Wiki. If you feel able to enhance the documentation the wiki is a good place to do so. We will integrate articles of the wiki in the documentation after reviewing them, so just start the wiki page and let us know the URL.

The concise Lenya User Guide introduces the CMS architecture, and how it relates to the major components of Lenya. If you want to find out "How Lenya works", this is the place to start. Along with an architectural overview, the User Guide also includes detailed installation instructions and release notes for each version of the framework. Our Developer Guide are detailed technical references to the extensions and components provided in the Lenya distribution. Included are package overviews and API reference for each of the Lenya components. The Components section will explain the building blocks that make up Lenya, such as the sitemap, publications, and tasks. The Developer Guide are designed as a day-to-day reference to help you get the most out of the standard packages. Links to the various Developer Guide are provided as part of User Guide menu.