The configuration for Templeton merges the normal Hadoop configuration with the Templeton specific variables. Because Templeton is designed to connect services that are not normally connected, the configuration is more complex than might be desirable.

The Templeton specific configuration is split into two layers:

  1. templeton-default.xml - All the configuration variables that Templeton needs. This file sets the defaults that ship with Templeton and should only be changed by Templeton developers. Do not copy this file and/or change it to maintain local installation settings. Because templeton-default.xml is present in the Templeton war file, editing a local copy of it will not change the configuration.
  2. templeton-site.xml - The (possibly empty) configuration file in which the system administrator can set variables for their Hadoop cluster. Create this file and maintain entries in it for configuration variables that require you to override default values based on your local installation.

The configuration files are loaded in this order with later files overriding earlier ones.

Note: the Templeton server will require restart after any change to the configuration.

To find the configuration files, Templeton first attempts to load a file from the CLASSPATH and then looks in the directory specified in the TEMPLETON_HOME environment variable.

Configuration files may access the special environment variable env for all environment variables. For example, the pig executable could be specified using:


Configuration variables that use a filesystem path try to have reasonable defaults. However, it's always safe to specify the full and complete path if there is any uncertainty.

Note: The location of the log files created by Templeton and some other properties of the logging system are set in the templeton-log4j.properties file.


templeton.port 50111 The HTTP port for the main server.
templeton.hadoop.config.dir $(env.HADOOP_CONFIG_DIR) The path to the Hadoop configuration.
templeton.jar ${env.TEMPLETON_HOME}/templeton/templeton-0.1.0-dev.jar The path to the Templeton jar file.
templeton.libjars ${env.TEMPLETON_HOME}/lib/zookeeper-3.3.4.jar Jars to add to the classpath.
templeton.override.jars hdfs:///user/templeton/ugi.jar Jars to add to the HADOOP_CLASSPATH for all Map Reduce jobs. These jars must exist on HDFS.
templeton.override.enabled true Enable the override path in templeton.override.jars
templeton.streaming.jar hdfs:///user/templeton/hadoop-streaming.jar The hdfs path to the Hadoop streaming jar file.
templeton.hadoop ${env.HADOOP_PREFIX}/bin/hadoop The path to the Hadoop executable.
templeton.pig.archive hdfs:///user/templeton/pig-0.9.2.tar.gz The path to the Pig archive.
templeton.pig.path pig-0.9.2.tar.gz/pig-0.9.2/bin/pig The path to the Pig executable.
templeton.hcat ${env.HCAT_PREFIX}/bin/hcat The path to the Hcatalog executable.
templeton.hive.archive hdfs:///user/templeton/hcatalog-0.3.0.tar.gz The path to the Hive archive.
templeton.hive.path hcatalog-0.3.0.tar.gz/hcatalog-0.3.0/bin/hive The path to the Hive executable.
templeton.hive.properties hive.metastore.local=false, hive.metastore.uris=thrift://localhost:9933, hive.metastore.sasl.enabled=false Properties to set when running hive.
templeton.exec.encoding UTF-8 The encoding of the stdout and stderr data.
templeton.exec.timeout 10000 How long in milliseconds a program is allowed to run on the Templeton box.
templeton.exec.max-procs 16 The maximum number of processes allowed to run at once.
templeton.exec.max-output-bytes 1048576 The maximum number of bytes from stdout or stderr stored in ram.
templeton.exec.envs HADOOP_PREFIX,HADOOP_HOME,JAVA_HOME The environment variables passed through to exec.
templeton.zookeeper.hosts ZooKeeper servers, as comma separated host:port pairs
templeton.zookeeper.session-timeout 30000 ZooKeeper session timeout in milliseconds
templeton.callback.retry.interval 10000 How long to wait between callback retry attempts in milliseconds
templeton.callback.retry.attempts 5 How many times to retry the callback
templeton.storage.class org.apache.hcatalog.templeton.tool.ZooKeeperStorage The class to use as storage
templeton.storage.root /templeton-hadoop The path to the directory to use for storage
templeton.hdfs.cleanup.interval 43200000 The maximum delay between a thread's cleanup checks
templeton.hdfs.cleanup.maxage 604800000 The maximum age of a templeton job
templeton.zookeeper.cleanup.interval 43200000 The maximum delay between a thread's cleanup checks
templeton.zookeeper.cleanup.maxage 604800000 The maximum age of a templeton job
templeton.kerberos.secret A random value The secret used to sign the HTTP cookie value. The default value is a random value. Unless multiple Templeton instances need to share the secret the random value is adequate.
templeton.kerberos.principal None The Kerberos principal to used by the server. As stated by the Kerberos SPNEGO specification, it should be USER/${HOSTNAME}@{REALM}. It does not have a default value.
templeton.kerberos.keytab None The keytab file containing the credentials for the Kerberos principal.