Apache Cocoon 3

The aspect which I'm focused on the Apache Cocoon3 is the SAX XML pipeline component, one of the lower level software layer in Cocoon3.

Using pipelines in Java has never been so easy!!!

URL base = this.getClass().getResource("http://com.acme/");
URL feed = new URL(base, "feed.xml");

Pipeline<SAXPipelineComponent> pipeline = new NonCachingPipeline<SAXPipelineComponent>();
// read the source
pipeline.addComponent(new XMLGenerator(feed));
// XInclude process the source
pipeline.addComponent(new XIncludeTransformer(base));
// Transform the processed document
pipeline.addComponent(new XSLTTransformer(this.getClass().getResource("/trax.xslt")));
// validate the transformation
pipeline.addComponent(new SchemaProcessorTransformer(this.getClass().getResource("/validate.xsd")));
// serializes the validated transformed doc
pipeline.addComponent(new XMLSerializer());

// setup and run!
OutputStream out = [...]

Even if that APIs make easier manipulating pipelines, I was looking for a more fluent APIs so I started prototyping a chained builders, so pipelines can be also created via:

URL base = this.getClass().getResource("http://com.acme/");
URL feed = new URL(base, "feed.xml");

new SAXPipelineBuilder().newNonCachingPipeline()

Apache Cocoon Chair!

The Apache Cocoon PMC unanimously voted me, after Vadim Gritsenko resignation, with 15 positive votes for and none against, as new Apache Cocoon Chair on July 28, 2011... 2011 has been an amazing OSS year!!!