Welcome to my personal Homepage at ASF!!!

My name is Simone Tripodi and I've been working as Software Engineer in Rome since February 2004. I'm Italian, born and grown up in L'Aquila, a small medieval city, and moved to Rome at age of 24 after my B.Sc. graduation in Computer Science. I experienced GIS, spent a lot of time on Shortest Path Algorithms, REST services and since February 2007 I've been working as a software engineer with large emphasis on new emerging technologies/specifications, such OpenID, OAuth, PortableContacts and the Semantic Web.

I joined the Cocoon mailing list since September 2008 after read an old Reinhard Poetz's post on his blog which charmed me: first I contacted him privately, so I was invited to join the ML then been in touch also with Steven Dolg... and every passing day I found the Cocoon3 idea so brilliant that I couldn't resist to contribute!!!

I'm used and love working in heterogeneous environments: at age of 22 I moved to Portugal for 6 months because of the Erasmus Project, I participated in the Joost backend development and since April 2009 I've been working on the Goom Radio backend development, then my career had a parenthesis at SourceSense, the European OpenSource leader integrator. Since July 2011, I've worked in the Earth Observation field at Terradue srl, with large emphasis on Big Data. Last, I married a South-American woman, so every passing day of my life I have to find the right compromises between different languages and cultures :D


The Apache Cocoon3 people that proposed me as commiter: Reinhard, Joerg, David, Leszek, Peter, Felix, Thorsten, Sylvain, David, Steven, Ralph, Vadim: THANK YOU, it's incredible the trust you're giving to me, I hope I'll never disappoint you.

Niall from Apache BeanValidation that accepted my request to join the project.

Rahul from Apache Commons that proposed me at the Commons PMC as committer, and allowed me joining the PMC on January 2011.

A thought goes to my city, L'Aquila, destroyed by a terrible earthquake the 6th April, 2009... That day more than 300 people were killed because buildings collapsed after a magnitudo 6.3 earthquake at 3:32 am.

I'll never forget that episode.

Margin Note

In every European country the name Simone is usually for girls, except here in Italy, were the female version is Simona; during the Erasmus I took part on a football tournament, it was very funny looking amazed people's faces because they expected watching a girl playing... :D