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Needing a Fulltext Search Engine?!

Needing a Fulltext Search Engine?!

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'rem' should match 'R.E.M'
'6 feet under' should match 'Six Feet Under'
'Pink' should match 'P!nk'
nick cave 'Nick Cave and The Bad Seeds' should score higher than 'A Man for the (Stone) Ages - Nick the Caveman'
'Seimon Garfankl' could match 'Simon & Garfunkel' and 'Paul Simon and Art Garfunkel'
'Otzi' should match 'DJ Ötzi'
'Connecting'   should match 'Stereo MCs - Connected'

You Make The Decision

A Case For Lucene

Hitting The Lucene Wall

SOLR - A Lucene Search Server

SOLR Architecture

SOLR Overview

iTunes Sample - Overview

iTunes Sample - Library Export

iTunes Library Export

iTunes Sample - PList Document


iTunes Sample - Lucene Document

Lucene Document

iTunes Sample - Solr Schema

SOLR Schema

iTunes Sample - SOLR Queries

XML Commands

XML Update Command

XML Delete Command

SOLR Admin

SOLR Admin Page

Extending SOLR @ Verisign

Common Pitfalls



What is Stemming Algorithm

A stemming algorithm is a process of linguistic normalisation, in which the variant forms of a word are reduced to a common form, for example 'connect'