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Train Timetable Informatiuon & Train monitoring System for Sri Lankan Rilway (SLR)

from Jun , 2008 to now

TTI & TMS (Train Timetable Information and Train Monitoring System) contains four modules.

Module 1- Train Timetable Scheduler

This is the main or central module of the TTI&TMS and facilitate to administrative task relevant to the trains, Station and routes scheduling .all other modules have to access to get required data

(1) Front end – Java swing
(2) Back end – MySQL 4.0 DB server (to store data after the current operation)
(3) Own data structure using java serializing ( to keep and run time data efficiently)

Module 2 – Data Collector Servelet

In order to update train running details, all the station must log-in to the system’s hen using the JSP page dynamically generate by this serve let, they can update the data. Father Data Collector Servelet provides the required data to on-line monitor and invokes update method in the monitor.

(1) JSP and Servelet run on Tomcat 4.0 servelet Container
(2)Act as RMI client

Module 3– Online train Monitor

Display all the train route graphically and update automatically according to the data provide by the stations. Monitor use two colors to display scheduled train and its actual route.

(1) - java 2D, RMI

Module 4– Dynamic Tran timetable

This facilitate to commuters to access dynamically updated on –line train time table using Web (using PC) and Using mobile phones (WAP)

(1) servelet , WML, HTML