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SOA4DDB - Service Oriented Architecture (SOA) for Distributed Database

from Jun , 2008 to now

This is my final year reserch project. main objective of ths was to Develop an architecture and design methodology to model any standard RDBMS server as an XML-RPC based web service and extend these concepts to develop a new architectural design for high performance and loosely coupled distributed databases systems. Web services technologies are fundamentally changing the software industry, making the role of enterprise IT organizations more strategic, and recasting the software vendor-consumer relationship. Relational database management systems (RDBMS) Are still play significant role in enterprise computing by providing the backend facilities. Despite of traditional applications, distributed architectures are compulsory design issue in many enterprise application and RDBMS systems. XML is a one of the major factor effect to the success of web services also XML can be used as a data format for passing data between components on deferent platforms. Converting standard database operations such as update, query in to web services is the foremost objective of this project. Available web service standard such as SOAP, WSDL and Reliable messaging were studied and a successful methodology to perform above requirement was proposed.


STEP 1 -- Generating database model
Exposing a existing database into DB2XMLEngine. DB2XMLEngine collect all the required Meta data from given database and construct a xml model called model.xml .it is possible to give existing database access information using a standard property filed named DB2WS.PROPERTIES. If there is no existing database, user can write model.xml file by hand according to the given specification

STEP 2 - code generation
Using generated model.xml file, CodeGenarator generate following set java source files. XSLT templates defined under each language are used with Xlen parser to generate these codes.

STEP3 -3. Compiling and packaging
Generated Ant build file consist with targets for compiling, packaging the source code. Again AntBuilder compile all the .java file and package into AXIS2 specific packaging format called Apache Archive File (.aar) .Then the generated aar file deployed on AXIS2 repository. And can be accessed as a standers web service

Distributed transaction management architecture

Technology :

  • WSADL 1.1 , SOAP 1.2 , XMLSchema2 .0 , XSLT 2
  • Apache AXIS2/Java 1.3 verstion.
  • WSDL4J
  • Apache ANT 1.7
  • MySQL and MsSQLServer 2000