Robby Pelssers

Robby Pelssers

Software engineer

  • Residence
  • Beek LB (NL)
  • Phone
  • +31627654926

Personal Profile

Robby is a senior certified all-round Java developer specialized in web development, both back-end and front-end. He is currently hired as lead developer at NXP Semiconductors where he develops solutions to publish and exchange product information.

Robby has been fascinated with automation at young age and started out writing batch scripts at the age of 14. He studied commercial engineering at the University of Hasselt. In 2002 he started his professional career at Vodafone NL where he developed an intranet portal for retrieving operational information. He became noticed when he took self-initiative to visualize network components with Scalable Vector Graphics.

Since then he has participated in building many other applications using a number of technologies and frameworks. He manages to deliver software within time and budget constraints. He is always thinking proactively and discusses consequences of customer requirements. He is continuously staying up-to-date and immediately puts acquired knowledge into practice.

Robby spends a lot of time blogging and experimenting with new technologies. End 2011 Robby was elected as Apache Cocoon committer.


Master of Applied Economic Sciences: Business Engineering in Management Information Systems

1995-2002: Universiteit Hasselt


1991- 1995: Heilig Hartcollege Lanaken

Certificates / Courses

Key Skills


  • Windows
  • Linux
  • Unix


  • Java
  • Scala
  • Javascript
  • Python
  • XSLT
  • XSL-FO
  • XQuery
  • SQL
  • XPath
  • JSONiq


  • XML
  • XSD
  • DTD
  • DITA
  • RDF
  • JSON
  • JSON schema
  • HTML
  • SVG


  • JPA
  • EJB
  • Hibernate
  • MongoDB API


  • RDBMS - Oracle
  • XMLDB - Exist
  • XMLDB - Sedna
  • RDF - Stardog
  • RDF - Dydra
  • NoSQL - MongoDB

Libraries / Frameworks

  • Log4J / SLF4J
  • JUnit
  • Scala test
  • JBoss Seam
  • Playframework
  • Apache Cocoon
  • Apache Commons
  • Apache Axis
  • Apache FOP
  • Quartz Scheduler
  • DITA toolkit
  • Saxon
  • Xalan
  • JSF
  • Joda time
  • Jackson
  • XStream
  • Castor
  • JQuery
  • YUI
  • CSS
  • Firebug
  • Dynamic Reports
  • Spring - Core
  • Spring - Integration
  • Spring - Webservices
  • Spring - AOP
  • Maven 2
  • Ant
  • Simple Build Tool


  • Eclipse
  • Springsource Tool Suite
  • Intellij


  • SVN
  • CVS
  • GIT

Application Servers

  • Apache Tomcat
  • Jetty
  • JBoss AS

Work Experience

Software Engineer / Technical Team Lead

  • Ciber / NXP
  • January 2011 - Present

Working as Software Engineer and Technical Team Lead for the NXP Spider team which is responsible for transformation, publication and exchange of product information. The main projects besides maintainance and development of new features for existing software were:

  • intranet development of parametric search
  • technical support to development team of public website
  • software to migrate data from Websphere Product Centre to Eptos
  • software that merges redundant data and transforms that data into DITA enabling automated translation of publications
  • XQuery libraries to generate RDF from XMLDB
  • web application that allows NXP to group their products based on Value Propositions and certain Characteristics.
  • refactoring existing applications to use XMLDB
  • cron jobs that are responsible for transformation and exchange of product information
  • advanced search functionality as part of intranet webapplication using XMLDB / Alfresco services
  • Managing workload (JIRA tickets) of team members (Russian and Indian co-workers) and weekly checkups on progress/issues

Java, XSLT, XQuery, Sedna, Javascript, CSS, Spring, Apache Cocoon, JUnit, Quartz, DITA, CVS, JSON, XML, DITA, Jackson, XSD

Software Engineer

  • Ciber / NXP
  • January 2009 - 2011

Working as Software Engineer for the NXP Spider team which is responsible for transformation, publication and exchange of product information. The main projects besides maintainance and development of new features for existing software were:

  • development of initial proof of concept for using XMLDB
  • Quartz Cron jobs that are responsible for transformation and exchange of product information
  • development of end-2-end webservice / webapplication to automate processes
  • continuous development of intranet portal for search / publication of product information

Java, XSLT, XQuery, Sedna, Exist DB, Javascript, CSS, Spring, Spring-WS, Apache Cocoon, JUnit, Quartz, DITA, XML, JSON, JPA, Hibernate, MySql, CVS, XSD, XStream

Software Engineer

  • Ciber / NXP
  • January 2008 - 2009

Working as Software Engineer for NXP on following projects:

  • Development of several Apache Cocoon publications
  • Development of webservice that enables clients to FTP files to destination
  • Development of 2 Jboss Seam applications: the first application was an investment approval application and the second one enables the user to dynamically create list-definitions and respective instances. E.g. Contacts, Appointments, TodoList.

Java, XSLT, Javascript, CSS, Spring, Apache Cocoon, Apache Axis, Jboss Seam, JUnit, JPA, Hibernate, MySql, CVS

Web Developer

  • AGP Solutions
  • June 2006 - January 2008

Part of development team working on product development of webapplication called Xenopsis enabling customers to disclose information from several datasources using a centralized object model.

  • product development Xenopsis
  • Setting up development server:
  • Implementation of Xenopsis for customers
  • Development of CRUD webapplications

Apache Cocoon, Java, Javascript, XSLT, CSS, Jetty, Tomcat, Apache Webserver, Hibernate, FreeBsd, svn, jira, daisy [cms], shared drives [samba], unix, MySql, Oracle

Developer Vodafone Live

  • Vodafone NL
  • April 2005 - June 2006

Part of the Vodafone Live development team

  • Application management of VAMP (Value Added Messaging Platform) used for sending/receiving mms, sms and wap-push messages.
  • Localization of Vodafone live

Java, XSLT, CSS, Unix

Operational Support Vodafone Live

  • Vodafone NL
  • December 2004 - April 2005

Part of the Vodafone Live operational support team - technical application management

  • Executing change requests
  • Solving incidents


Configuration Information Specialist

  • Vodafone NL
  • September 2002 - December 2004

Part of the Vodafone Operations and Projects Management team

  • Development of intranet portal that discloses network and operational information

Apache Cocoon, Java, XSLT, SVG, SQL, CSS, CVS