Package org.apache.derbyDemo.vtis.core

Class Summary
FlatFileVTI This VTI makes a table out of the records in a flat file.
QueryVTIHelper This is a set of helper methods executing a query against an external database.
StringColumnVTI This is an abstract VTI which assumes that all columns are strings and which coerces the strings to reasonable values for various getXXX() methods.
StringColumnVTI.SimpleBlob A crude Blob implementation.
StringColumnVTI.SimpleClob A crude Clob implementation.
VTIHelper VTI helper methods.
VTITemplate An abstract implementation of ResultSet (JDK1.1/JDBC 1.2) that is useful when writing a read-only VTI (virtual table interface) or for the ResultSet returned by executeQuery in read-write VTI classes.
XmlVTI This is a VTI designed to read XML files which are structured like row sets.

Annotation Types Summary
QueryRow This is an Annotation describing the query needed to materialize a ResultSet from a foreign database.
XMLRow This is an Annotation describing how to decompose an XML file into relational rows.