A Eclipse plugin to help developing applications with OpenJPA.


  • built with Eclipse Version: 3.4.1. No idea, at this point, how it will behave with other Eclipse versions.
  • Works with Java Project which is compiled with JDK 1.5. Projects compiled with JDK 1.6, most likely, will see a Bad Version Number in class file error.

How to get it?

The plugin is available from the update site

Use Update Manager Help->Software Updates... to install it in Eclipse platform.


  • Right-click on a Java Project. The popup menu will show an Enable OpenJPA menu item.
  • Selecting the menu item will add classpath entries required to work with OpenJPA.
  • More importantly, it will add a Enhancer build step.
    The build step will enhance any Java class annotated with JPA annotations @Entity, @MappedSuperclass, @Embeddable