Sanjaya Ratnaweera


Working for WSO2Inc.


Love programming in any language, but favourite is C. I started to learn programming, with the help of my brother, in Basic. My first program was,

PRINT "Hello World"


  • #include
  • int main()
  • {
  •         printf ("hello world\n");
  •         return 0;
  • }

Therefore I'm not going to criticize Basic :-)

Music also one of my interests from long time. (Before programming;-)). Specially I like eastern music and don't like that noisy rock music. Lata Mangleshkar, Mohmad Rafi, Pandith W.D Amaradeva and Nanda Malini are heros of my music life. Talking about the instruments I like flute. I can play flute as well but don't know whether the listeners are happy or not;-)

Talking about sports my fovorite is Rugby. I like Cricket and Football too. And also interested on long distance running. I had a habit of running 5-10 Kilometers per day. (Normally around the Kandy Lake;-)). Temporally I stopped it, but I'm going to start running in near future because completing a full Marathon is one of my dreems. I've already completed a half Marathon but unable to attend for a full Marathon;-(

About this site

In this site I've concerned about the content and not about the style. But I think (I know) the style also not bad;-) I'm the author of this style. Anyone have permission to copy the style but not the content. BTW everything I have done in my favourite editor VIM