I'm a French OpenSource hacker living at Melbourne, Australia.

You can find a resume in a more administrative format .doc or .pdf Note: .doc files can be not up2date as they need manual write, pdf is generated automatically.

As an opensource addict, I use maven to build and publish resume regarding myself :-)

Olivier Lamy

If you need more details contact me : olamy AT apache DOT org
You can find me on twitter ,  linkedin and some blog entries

This resume can change so you can have a look at the changelog

Work Experience

03/2013 - Present : Technical Lead and OpenSource hacker for Ecetera

My daily job is to do consulting for Ecetera customers and continue doing OpenSource coding

  • Consulting for NAB: Implementing some dashboards on the top of Splunk using Websockect technology and Angularjs technology to make scalable dashboards.
  • Consulting for Telstra: Implementing an integration solution based on Spring Integration framework to manage messages/data from the MOVES project.
  • Consulting for Target: working on the platform refactoring to use Apache Camel routes deployed on Apache Karaf instances

08/2011 - 02/2013 : Open Source Architect Talend

My daily job is to work on Open Source projects used by Talend and to improve Apache Foundation :

  • ASF projects : Apache Maven, Apache Archiva, Apache Tomcat, Apache Commons, Apache DirectMemory, Apache Cloudstack, Apache CXF, Apache Camel, etc...
  • help on ASF infra for build tools
  • Jenkins project
  • Other Open Source : Mojo, Redback from Codehaus

09/2001 – 07/2011 : Technical Lead / Application Architect – Accor (Hospitality Department)

OpenTravel / XML / Interfaces :

  • Lead Developper of an XML Inteface between The Accor Central Reservation System and some Hotel Vendors (Major ones are : Amadeus, Sabre, Travelport, Expedia, , kayak etc…)
  • Developed in Java the core architecture to have a pluggable mechanism to handle various XML format from different partners. Use IOC containers technologies (Plexus, Spring).
  • Application running as a simple webapp in the Tomcat container in Solaris system.
  • Implements a Java application to send to various partners (Expedia, rates and inventories in the XML/OTA format.
  • Developed application to build XML/OTA files containing all informations regarding Accor properties (

Intranet Hospitality Applications
  • Implements the first prototype regarding migrating some internal applications written in client-server to a Web Technology (Struts2/Spring/Tiles/yui).
  • Personally standardized the architecture of the applications based on the Struts2/Spring/Tiles frameworks and implements some common web based components shared in all applications.
  • Architect the system for high redundancy using Apache Web Server, Apache Tomcat and network load balancing.

Internal Company Web Services used by the Front End Website ( )
  • Implements an application which dynamically execute stored procedures and exchange the result with xml.
  • Developed a set of common web services (first version with SOAP Axis then moved to REST using jersey framework) for various applications to access easily to the core system)
Common Components / Development Standardization
  • Evangelism to use standard development tools with using Apache Maven, Subversion SCM System, Continuous Integration (Continuum , Hudson) and Sonar.
  • Responsible for creating processes and practices to maximize software quality and productivity.
  • Build a project “a la” Apache Commons to share reusable Java Components (database access, common hospitality functionality) between various company departments.
  • Implements a global crs real time transaction monitoring (gwt front, rrd storing) : store/display various figures (number, response time, average response time, etc..) on transactions accessing to the Central Reservation System (load datas from applications using REST/json).
  • Implements a global crs configuration database access configuration (gwt, spring, jpa2) to enable real time “load balancing” for routing various applications to the database “grid”.
  • Implements a cache mechanism in order to prevent applications accessing all the time to the core system to get Hotel Availabilities (reduce database accesses to ~15%) (use ehcache and Woodstox xml fast parser).

06/2000 – 09/2001 : Software developper for rtl radio website

Open Sources Experiences

See my ohloh account
Ohloh profile for Olivier Lamy

09/2007 – Present: Apache Member/Committer/PMC

Maven Project (PMC):

  • Bug fixes on Maven core and various Maven plugins.
  • Main maintainer of Maven Scm library.

Tomcat Project (PMC)

Archiva Project (PMC Chair).
Sirona Project (PMC)

Commons Project (PMC)

SQOOP Project (PMC)

DirectMemory (PMC)

Cloudstack (PPMC)

Continuum Project (not anymore active in this project):
  • Work on moving from Plexus IOC to Spring.
  • Work on moving from velocity to Struts 2.

09/2007 – Present: : Jenkins (previously Hudson) Committer
  • Implements Apache Maven 3 support and fix some issues in the Jenkins/Hudson project.

09/2007 – Present: Codehaus Committer

Plexus Project :
  • Work on plexus IOC Container.
  • Work on some Plexus Components.

Mojo Project:
  • Work on various Maven Plugins out of the Apache Foundation.

Modello Project:
  • Work on some bug fixes in the Maven main component.


  • DEST Software development during spare time.
  • DEUG Lettres Modernes (French literature).
  • DUT Electrical Engineering and Computer Engineering.