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Proposed APIs


mod_filter is a module for Apache 2.0 and higher, proposed for the core distribution in httpd-2.2. Its purpose is to update the filtering framework, to enable general dynamic configuration, to reduce the complexity required of content-filtering modules, and to support diagnostic and debugging in the filter chain.

Now checked in to CVS. See the Source Code and Manual Page (also the Documentation as HTML).

Using mod_filter with httpd-2.0

On September 21st 2004 I merged the mod_filter data structs with util_filter. This serves to provide an improved API for httpd-2.1 and up. But it means that it will no longer compile with 2.0.x out-of-the box.

To compile mod_filter with httpd 2.0, you can either checkout util_filter from current CVS, or apply the minimal patch available here.

Util_filter patch for httpd-2.0

update: it appears my patch is not correct as of now. Valentine Sinitsyn has posted an updated patch. AIUI his is against current CVS. I haven't had time to check it yet. Try both patches!

Binary Compatibility

mod_filter itself will run with httpd-2.0. But provider modules will have to be recompiled against the patched util-filter unless mod_filter is compiled with NO_PROTOCOL.