Package com.ecyrd.jspwiki.event

Interface Summary
WikiEventListener Defines an interface for an object that listens for WikiEvents.

Class Summary
PageEventFilter Fires WikiPageEvents for page events.
WikiEngineEvent WikiEngineEvent indicates a change in the state of the WikiEngine.
WikiEvent Abstract parent class for wiki events.
WikiEventManager A singleton class that manages the addition and removal of WikiEvent listeners to a event source, as well as the firing of events to those listeners.
WikiEventUtils A utility class that adds some JSPWiki-specific functionality to the WikiEventManager (which is really a general-purpose event manager).
WikiPageEvent WikiPageEvent indicates a change in the state or processing of a WikiPage.
WikiPageRenameEvent WikiPageRenameEvent extends WikiPageEvent to indicate a change in the name of a WikiPage.
WikiSecurityEvent Event class for security events: login/logout, wiki group adds/changes, and authorization decisions.
WorkflowEvent WorkflowEvent indicates that a state change to a Workflow: started, running, waiting, completed, aborted.