Matthew Jason Benson

AIM: gudnabrsam

Professional Objective

My ideal position is quite simply one in which my talents are used to develop, or develop build systems for, useful and/or interesting software.

General Skills

Strong written communications, Ability to learn quickly and independently, Always willing to help peers.

Computer Skills

Programming Languages: Java, Javascript, SQL, Unix shell scripts, Windows/DOS command scripts aka batch files, COBOL.

Java/Java EE: Apache Ant, Apache Commons (various), Bean Validation/Apache BVal, Therian, JBoss Forge, Morph, Jenkins, Spring framework, Hibernate ORM, Android, asm, cglib, javassist, AspectJ, JSF 2/Facelets, MyFaces, MyFaces Extensions Validator, Jackson, PrettyFaces, JUnit 3.x/4.x, Mockito, Spring Web Flow, ANTLR 2.x, Freemarker, JSP, Hamcrest, DWR AJAX library, Drools, iText PDF library, Struts 1.x, Threading/Concurrency, Servlets, JDBC, JMS, Swing.

DBMS: Oracle, DB2, Pervasive/Btrieve v6.0-8.5.

Data Formats: HP-PCL, XML, XHTML, Commons flatfile DSL.

Operating Environments: Microsoft Windows, OS X, Linux, Solaris, Cygwin, MS-DOS, Novell Netware 3.x-4.x.

Software: Apache Ant, Apache Maven, Apache Ivy, Subversion (user/admin), Eclipse, JIRA (user/admin), Jenkins (nee Hudson) CI, Sonatype Nexus (user/admin), git, JBoss Forge, ViewVC (user/admin), CVS (user/admin), Bugzilla (user/admin), PGP/GnuPG, ghostScript, ghostPcl, Image Alchemy, PVCS.

Miscellaneous: RTFM, STFW.


Employment History

Senior Program Analyst - Internet
The General
October 2005-Present


Senior Application Developer
CNA Life/Valley Forge Life
October 1998-September 2005


Open Source Projects





I have an agile mind and an insatiable desire to know how and why systems work. I tend to be the first person to encounter limitations with a technology, but as a result have had to become skilled at finding solutions to such problems. I never shrink from an intellectual challenge, and take particular pleasure in making a system surpass its own supposed limitations.

I am an avid user of open-source software. I always assume that I am not the first person to need a tool to accomplish a particular task, and that a reliable open-source solution probably exists. I monitor the user lists of the projects I am most interested in, which yields the benefit of my having read many questions--and answers.

It is my belief that many developers, when trying a piece of OSS that gets them 95% to their goal, then encountering some relatively minor issue, give up on the software. I try to take such "bumps in the road" in stride, report the issue, find and contribute the fix if possible, and take satisfaction in the improved product.

Through my continuing interest in open source, I was elected first as a committer and later to the Project Management Committee of the Apache Software Foundation's Ant project. Membership in an Apache project is attained only as a result of positive impressions made on other project members; the ASF calls this principle Meritocracy. In 2007 I was elected as a committer to Apache Jakarta, and when Apache Commons left the Jakarta umbrella to become a top-level project of the foundation, I became a member of its founding PMC. In late 2007, my sustained contribution to the ASF was recognized by granting me foundation membership. I continue to participate in open-source projects wherever they coincide with the needs of my paid work, and/or my intellectual interests.

My references are available on request.

Last modified March 2014.