Package org.apache.zookeeper.server.quorum

Interface Summary
FollowerMXBean Follower MBean
LeaderElectionMXBean Leader election protocol MBean.
LeaderMXBean Leader MBean.
LocalPeerMXBean A local zookeeper server MBean interface.
ObserverMXBean Observer MX Bean interface, implemented by ObserverBean
QuorumMXBean An MBean representing a zookeeper cluster nodes (aka quorum peers)
RemotePeerMXBean A proxy for a remote quorum peer.
ServerMXBean A quorum server MBean.

Class Summary
AuthFastLeaderElection Deprecated. This class has been deprecated as of release 3.4.0.
CommitProcessor This RequestProcessor matches the incoming committed requests with the locally submitted requests.
FastLeaderElection Implementation of leader election using TCP.
FastLeaderElection.Notification Notifications are messages that let other peers know that a given peer has changed its vote, either because it has joined leader election or because it learned of another peer with higher zxid or same zxid and higher server id
FastLeaderElection.ToSend Messages that a peer wants to send to other peers.
Follower This class has the control logic for the Follower.
FollowerBean Follower MBean inteface implementation
FollowerRequestProcessor This RequestProcessor forwards any requests that modify the state of the system to the Leader.
FollowerZooKeeperServer Just like the standard ZooKeeperServer.
Leader This class has the control logic for the Leader.
LeaderBean Leader MBean interface implementation.
LeaderElection Deprecated. This class has been deprecated as of release 3.4.0.
LeaderElectionBean Leader election MBean interface implementation
LeaderZooKeeperServer Just like the standard ZooKeeperServer.
Learner This class is the superclass of two of the three main actors in a ZK ensemble: Followers and Observers.
LearnerHandler There will be an instance of this class created by the Leader for each learner.
LearnerSessionTracker This is really just a shell of a SessionTracker that tracks session activity to be forwarded to the Leader using a PING.
LearnerZooKeeperServer Parent class for all ZooKeeperServers for Learners
LocalPeerBean Implementation of the local peer MBean interface.
Observer Observers are peers that do not take part in the atomic broadcast protocol.
ObserverRequestProcessor This RequestProcessor forwards any requests that modify the state of the system to the Leader.
ObserverZooKeeperServer A ZooKeeperServer for the Observer node type.
ProposalRequestProcessor This RequestProcessor simply forwards requests to an AckRequestProcessor and SyncRequestProcessor.
QuorumCnxManager This class implements a connection manager for leader election using TCP.
QuorumPeer This class manages the quorum protocol.
QuorumPeerMain Configuration file
QuorumZooKeeperServer Abstract base class for all ZooKeeperServers that participate in a quorum.
ReadOnlyBean ReadOnly MX Bean interface, implemented by ReadOnlyBean
ReadOnlyRequestProcessor This processor is at the beginning of the ReadOnlyZooKeeperServer's processors chain.
ReadOnlyZooKeeperServer A ZooKeeperServer which comes into play when peer is partitioned from the majority.
RemotePeerBean A remote peer bean only provides limited information about the remote peer, and the peer cannot be managed remotely.
ServerBean An abstract base class for the leader and follower MBeans.
StateSummary This class encapsulates the state comparison logic.

Enum Summary

Exception Summary

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