Package org.apache.zookeeper.server.persistence

Interface Summary
FileTxnSnapLog.PlayBackListener This listener helps the external apis calling restore to gather information while the data is being restored.
SnapShot snapshot interface for the persistence layer.
TxnLog Interface for reading transaction logs.
TxnLog.TxnIterator an iterating interface for reading transaction logs.

Class Summary
FileSnap This class implements the snapshot interface.
FileTxnLog This class implements the TxnLog interface.
FileTxnLog.FileTxnIterator this class implements the txnlog iterator interface which is used for reading the transaction logs
FileTxnSnapLog This is a helper class above the implementations of txnlog and snapshot classes
Util A collection of utility methods for dealing with file name parsing, low level I/O file operations and marshalling/unmarshalling.

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