Interface HostProvider

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public interface HostProvider

A set of hosts a ZooKeeper client should connect to. Classes implementing this interface must guarantee the following: * Every call to next() returns an InetSocketAddress. So the iterator never ends. * The size() of a HostProvider may never be zero. A HostProvider must return resolved InetSocketAddress instances on next(), but it's up to the HostProvider, when it wants to do the resolving. Different HostProvider could be imagined: * A HostProvider that loads the list of Hosts from an URL or from DNS * A HostProvider that re-resolves the InetSocketAddress after a timeout. * A HostProvider that prefers nearby hosts.

Method Summary
 InetSocketAddress next(long spinDelay)
          The next host to try to connect to.
 void onConnected()
          Notify the HostProvider of a successful connection.
 int size()

Method Detail


int size()


InetSocketAddress next(long spinDelay)
The next host to try to connect to. For a spinDelay of 0 there should be no wait.

spinDelay - Milliseconds to wait if all hosts have been tried once.


void onConnected()
Notify the HostProvider of a successful connection. The HostProvider may use this notification to reset it's inner state.

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