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Uses of OpResult in org.apache.zookeeper

Subclasses of OpResult in org.apache.zookeeper
static class OpResult.CheckResult
          A result from a version check operation.
static class OpResult.CreateResult
          A result from a create operation.
static class OpResult.DeleteResult
          A result from a delete operation.
static class OpResult.ErrorResult
          An error result from any kind of operation.
static class OpResult.SetDataResult
          A result from a setData operation.

Methods in org.apache.zookeeper that return types with arguments of type OpResult
 List<OpResult> Transaction.commit()
 List<OpResult> MultiResponse.getResultList()
 List<OpResult> KeeperException.getResults()
          If this exception was thrown by a multi-request then the (partial) results and error codes can be retrieved using this getter.
 Iterator<OpResult> MultiResponse.iterator()
 List<OpResult> ZooKeeper.multi(Iterable<Op> ops)
          Executes multiple Zookeeper operations or none of them.
protected  List<OpResult> ZooKeeper.multiInternal(MultiTransactionRecord request)

Methods in org.apache.zookeeper with parameters of type OpResult
 void MultiResponse.add(OpResult x)

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