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org.apache.zookeeper.server ZooKeeper server theory of operation 

Uses of KeeperException.NoNodeException in org.apache.zookeeper.server

Methods in org.apache.zookeeper.server that throw KeeperException.NoNodeException
 void DataTree.createNode(String path, byte[] data, List<ACL> acl, long ephemeralOwner, int parentCVersion, long zxid, long time)
 void DataTree.deleteNode(String path, long zxid)
          remove the path from the datatree
 List<ACL> ZKDatabase.getACL(String path, Stat stat)
          get acl for a path
 List<ACL> DataTree.getACL(String path, Stat stat)
 List<String> ZKDatabase.getChildren(String path, Stat stat, Watcher watcher)
          get children list for this path
 List<String> DataTree.getChildren(String path, Stat stat, Watcher watcher)
 byte[] ZKDatabase.getData(String path, Stat stat, Watcher watcher)
          get data and stat for a path
 byte[] DataTree.getData(String path, Stat stat, Watcher watcher)
 Stat DataTree.setACL(String path, List<ACL> acl, int version)
 void DataTree.setCversionPzxid(String path, int newCversion, long zxid)
          This method sets the Cversion and Pzxid for the specified node to the values passed as arguments.
 Stat DataTree.setData(String path, byte[] data, int version, long zxid, long time)
 Stat ZKDatabase.statNode(String path, ServerCnxn serverCnxn)
          stat the path
 Stat DataTree.statNode(String path, Watcher watcher)

Uses of KeeperException.NoNodeException in org.apache.zookeeper.server.persistence

Methods in org.apache.zookeeper.server.persistence that throw KeeperException.NoNodeException
 void FileTxnSnapLog.processTransaction(TxnHeader hdr, DataTree dt, Map<Long,Integer> sessions, org.apache.jute.Record txn)
          process the transaction on the datatree

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