Class OpResult

  extended by org.apache.zookeeper.OpResult
Direct Known Subclasses:
OpResult.CheckResult, OpResult.CreateResult, OpResult.DeleteResult, OpResult.ErrorResult, OpResult.SetDataResult

public class OpResult
extends Object

Encodes the result of a single part of a multiple operation commit.

Nested Class Summary
static class OpResult.CheckResult
          A result from a version check operation.
static class OpResult.CreateResult
          A result from a create operation.
static class OpResult.DeleteResult
          A result from a delete operation.
static class OpResult.ErrorResult
          An error result from any kind of operation.
static class OpResult.SetDataResult
          A result from a setData operation.
Method Summary
 int getType()
          Encodes the return type as from ZooDefs.OpCode.
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Method Detail


public int getType()
Encodes the return type as from ZooDefs.OpCode. Can be used to dispatch to the correct cast needed for getting the desired additional result data.

an integer identifying what kind of operation this result came from.
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