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Leshan A Lightweight M2M (LWM2M) server.

Eclipse Californium A Java Framework for developing CoAP based IoT applications.

Eclipse Wakaama A C embedded library for developing Lightweight M2M clients.

Apache MINA An asynchronous framework for network applications (clients/servers) and codecs.

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I work at Sierra Wireless : AirVantage Cloud Platform

An Apache MINA based transport class for SNMP4J

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Eclipsecon France 2014

Hands on with CoAP and Californium from Julien Vermillard

Eclipseday Florence

M2M, IOT, Device Managment: COAP/LWM2M to rule them all? from Julien Vermillard

Eclipsecon NA 2014 IoT day

M2M, IoT, Device management: one protocol to rule them all? - EclipseCon 2014 from Julien Vermillard

Eclipsecon france 2013 Ignite talk

Introduction to CoAP the REST protocol for M2M from Julien Vermillard