Revisions 1524965..1582710 from AOO410

Issues addressed:

118923FEATUREBuild of OS/2 tree
121967FEATUREHebrew (he) translation for OpenOffice 4.x
123509FEATUREadapt SDK to support macosx 64 bit
123531FEATURESupport the creation of MSP patch files on Windows
123818FEATUREBulgarian (bg) translation for AOO 4.1
123819FEATUREThai (th) translation for AOO 4.1
123820FEATURENorwegian Bokmål (nb) translation update for AOO 4.1
123968FEATUREHindi (hi) translation update for OpenOffice 4.0.1 / 4.1.0
124423FEATURENo dictionary is included in 4.1.0 Beta PT
33737ENHANCEMENTAllow for in-place editing of input field (turn off pop-up)
42309ENHANCEMENTclick on '=' button for a non empty cell causes value loss
56998ENHANCEMENTDisplay a space character before unit symbols
91439ENHANCEMENTXEnhancedMouseClickHandler and Keymodifiers
91494ENHANCEMENTThe sizes of the Japanese fonts inputted in the text of the object inserted using the drawing tool of Calc
92785ENHANCEMENT[Data][Validity] dialog []Allow Blank Cells checkbox mislabeled
107914ENHANCEMENTImplement support for IAccessible2
114728ENHANCEMENTSupport building AOO with OSX 10.7 SDK compatibility
122195ENHANCEMENTadd UNO support for 64bit OSX
122301ENHANCEMENTSupport 64bit AOO app for 64bit OSX
123433ENHANCEMENT[SVG] marker-mid on pseudo vertices
123456ENHANCEMENTuse Caladea and Carlito as metrically compatible fallback fonts
123500ENHANCEMENTgrafMode (watermark, gray, sw) on scaled svg use the unscaled bitmap
123747ENHANCEMENTallow graceful handling of Windows structured exceptions
123771ENHANCEMENTOSBA OOXML improvement project - use case 4 - annotations on text ranges
123817ENHANCEMENTupdate to boost 1.55 library
123847ENHANCEMENTautotest results need a "Test Date" line
123895ENHANCEMENTAdd VCL support for 64bit OSX port
123951ENHANCEMENTuse CoreText API instead of deprecated ATSUI API
124087ENHANCEMENTLithuanian (lt) translation update for OpenOffice 4.1.0
124118ENHANCEMENTKazakh (kk) translation update for OpenOffice 4.1.0
124120ENHANCEMENTIssue for updating Dutch translation in POOTLE
124121ENHANCEMENTCoreText: Emulate italic for fonts that do not provide italic themselves
124122ENHANCEMENTCoreText: Emulate bold for fonts that do not provide bold themselves
123774ENHANCEMENTDBG_ERROR, DBG_WARN and DBG_TRACE should always show file and line info
123862ENHANCEMENTO*String's isEmpty() should be used instead of its older alternatives
123887ENHANCEMENTFactory settings --> default settings
18109ENHANCEMENTPre-select default style name ("Untitled") in New Style dialogue for quicker replacement
118909PATCHElementNames of css.ui.UICategoryDescription service has some empty strings
121943PATCHAdd PenWidth attribute to css::presentation::XSlideShowController
124421DEFECTcrash on Mac if there are problems with network connectivity
119578DEFECT[From Symphony]Lighten special effect in .PPTX won't display
119604DEFECT[From Symphony]the notes view and the postion and size of the note textbox are wrong when opening the pptx file
119844DEFECT[From Symphony]The Spin effect's amount property losts when saved pptx to odp.
123197DEFECTMaster view is reopened unexpected
123389DEFECTUndo removes Fields from paragraph
123501DEFECTEDITING: Crashes on typing Miao chars
123723DEFECTRead-Error for embedded image in docx
123816DEFECTCannot send email with attachment via VBA code taking Notes as mail application
123963DEFECTtype ambiguity in toolkit's VCLXDevice breaks the build
123965DEFECTextra qualifier on SfxTabPage forward declaration breaks the build
124065DEFECT[Performance] Low performance opening attached .ods
124155DEFECTRead Error, Internal import error with particular.xls
12355DEFECTAll Windows Startmenu Icons are wrong
15508DEFECTBreak link converts bmp, jpg, png and gif to png format
21280DEFECTwhen cut/copy rows/columns & paste-special, shift down/right options are disabled incorrectly
42894DEFECTAnimated group objects do not work during slideshow
49155DEFECTUnwanted top distance after insertion of a caption for a graphic
51453DEFECTEquation Frame size linked to caption frame size
75731DEFECTtextoutputstream.writeString crashes openoffice
95102DEFECTDocument Converter wizard doesn't see Excel 2007 .xlsx
95765DEFECTWhen creating html documents the generated html does not correctly reference the class in the generated style.css file.
97129DEFECTHidden last slide of presentation shown when go backwards from black finish-screen
97631DEFECTdocx-Import: Author and Date of comments not resolved
105491DEFECTConnectors wrongly connected in .xls
106063DEFECTBroken ChemSketch-BMP file import.
106665DEFECTbasic-ide: find & replace: cannot replace text with empty
113059DEFECTDOCX:, each comment include the text of all comments in the imported document
118357DEFECTImprove button for recent documents in Start Center
118640DEFECTOpening the presentation document causes OpenOffice 3.3 on Windows or Solaris to crash
119006DEFECTRestore windows problem on Mac OS X
119056DEFECTHeader and Footer settings are not reflected automatically in the document view
119568DEFECT[From Symphony] The page number of the TOC is not correct if open the .docx via AOO
119577DEFECT[From Symphony] The "file name" field change to "file name without extension" in AOO 3.4
119959DEFECT[From Symphony]Application crashed if undo paste text from shape
120065DEFECTEnabled property should be work on grid control model
120358DEFECTSome properties of tab page model do not work
121289DEFECTPrinter Setup – Options crashes in Math
121494DEFECTEach Character of string flipped horizontally instead of complete string rotated in graphic line rotated 180 degrees
121761DEFECT[ia2] Writer crashes on exit with an msvcrt runtime error
121870DEFECTDifferent darkness threshold: doc/docx auto font color inverted
121950DEFECT[IDL] Description about unused parameter in XRangeBasedSmartTagRecognizer::recognizeTextRange
122221DEFECTSlides added to selection in Slide Pane with 'Page Up'
122433DEFECT[sidebar]: Extended tooltips shown in normal tooltips mode in Line and Area Decks
122576DEFECTAttempting to delete an Ole object crashes
122738DEFECTTable toolbar not refreshing with applied background
122759DEFECT[cui] "Always save as" list shows internal filter names
122871DEFECTSearch in Help not working (no results) for some common strings
122950DEFECTTwo characters are input for a character through input method
123001DEFECTOS/2 sys 3170 when application exits
123042DEFECT[SVG] Crash: svg with image element fails to insert as linked graphic in Draw
123097DEFECTValue of Custom Property Type=DateTime only shown if number of property in list less than 8
123116DEFECTSpelling error
123160DEFECTautotest fails preconditions due to race condition with window manager
123166DEFECTCRASH when Insert>row in particular way in particular document
123276DEFECTlayer visibility status change after page switch and then are not correctly shown in lower tab
123295DEFECTImage Clipping (JPG) lost on PDF export (images uncompressed)
123323DEFECTTypo in English string ("concatentation")
123345DEFECT[Regression]Docx embedded table display incorrectly
123350DEFECTSlide title undo impossible
123359DEFECTTable in Title, Content layout causing crash
123379DEFECT[SVG] wrong kind of markers on mid-position in paths
123405DEFECTcopying and pasting tables as GDI metafile pastes incomplete table
123407DEFECTPaste as bitmap from MS Paint does not paste anything
123409DEFECTImages in background cause crash when saving to pdf/a
123417DEFECTCrash exporting to pdf with IFAOGrec Unicode font
123418DEFECTCRASH when Page Preview with visible Data Sources View
123428DEFECTTypo in English strings ("occured")
123438DEFECTPasting a cropped raster picture into document open in other software (like MS WORD) gives the uncropped image
123444DEFECTCRASH when choosing "Selection" radio button on "Print" dialog
123457DEFECTUnacceptably slow in opening the particular 1800 pages ODT file (OOoFAQ)
123462DEFECTOpening options page Formatting Aids in Page Preview causes crash
123465DEFECT[SVG] marker-mid missing for empty closepath if first point equals last point
123468DEFECTInserting Equations into Bullet Lists
123475DEFECT"unoinfo java" returns wrong classpath
123478DEFECTCRASH when applying lots of color properties changes to greyscale raster graphics
123480DEFECTCRASH when delete contents in particular document with active 'Record Changes'
123481DEFECTLast paragraph in README file is not localized
123497DEFECTColor Palette Modify Button - does not save modifications
123510DEFECT[SVG] style from style element via class overwrites style attribute, but should not
123528DEFECTOnly placeholder shown for cropped picture in particular .pptx
123532DEFECTCleanup instsetoo_native/util/
123539DEFECTCRASH when open particular .XLS with 3D Chart
123542DEFECTIn 3dScene the attributes dr3d:min-edge and dr3d:max-edge of a dr3d:cube are lost
123544DEFECTXFilePicker's setDisplayDirectory and setDefaultName do not work in Windows
123564DEFECTForeground and background color in bitmap editor exchanged after reopen
123573DEFECTShapes only accept new area properties after rotation, Format Toolbar and Shape color mismatch
123578DEFECTCRASH / freeze when open particular .doc
123593DEFECTUpdate Portuguese (PT) from Pootle before 4.1
123595DEFECTCleanup logging of and its modules
123616DEFECTFails to open particular Document.odg
123620DEFECT[ia2] IAccessibleHypertext::hyperlinkIndex returns 0 when editing a cell/object where there is no link
123622DEFECT[ia2] Calc: No focus event fired on cell when new spreadsheet is created
123626DEFECT[Enhancement] Better defaults for paste-special cells dialog
123629DEFECT[ia2] Calc: Invalid focus event fired after editing cell
123670DEFECTMissing link
123672DEFECTParticular.ods will CRASH when attempt page preview
123676DEFECTHeading format missing for "E-mail as PDF"
123678DEFECTRemove unused support for more than one .cab file per installation set
123683DEFECTwhen --with-dmake-url is used configure shouldn't check for system dmake
123686DEFECTRemove support for building multiple languages in one run of
123690DEFECTCRASH when decreasing color picker vertical size too much
123725DEFECT[Enhancement] Better defaults for database range dialog
123729DEFECTCleanup as preparation for building windows patches
123744DEFECTPictures in pasted WEB-site contents: only placeholders shown
123745DEFECT[IA2] Eventual crash in Writer documents containing cross-references
123765DEFECTDrag-drop of color does not work for undocked Color Bar
123773DEFECTfix ambiguity between string concatenation and C++11 user defined strings
123783DEFECTWrong type for ActiveLayer property on DrawController
123789DEFECTURL in ppt will be truncated after pound
123792DEFECTannotations on text ranges - complete OSBA OOXML improvement use case 4
123797DEFECT*.docx import: imported footnote content contains additional empty paragraph at its end
123821DEFECTGerman (de) translation update for AOO 4.1
123834DEFECTWrong description of some regular expressions
123840DEFECTFix 32bit/64bit type mismatches for OSX port
123841DEFECTFix constness type mismatches for OSX port
123846DEFECTthe "Revision:" line in autotest results doesn't work
123859DEFECTUse of incomplete types in comphelper's locale.cxx
123864DEFECTAdd MacOS version check to verify dependencies before using/installing the office or language pack
123870DEFECTCRASH when open Particular.xls with chart
123879DEFECTdr3d rotation angle is degree in spec ODF1.2 but radiant in AOO
123891DEFECTconsolidate @since tag usage in IDL files
123909DEFECTSelect one column, paste cell range with merged cell in, AOO will be not responding.
123910DEFECTThe reference in validation condition change to #REF! in exported xls file
123914DEFECTParticular documents with DRAW object CRASH in mail merge wizard step 6
123922DEFECTInsert - Picture - From file does not replace the selected picture
123932DEFECTCRASH when insert 'Vertical Text' box
123944DEFECTWW8 import: numbering on heading of outline level 1 missing
123947DEFECTfix stlport emulation when compiling in C++11 mode
123948DEFECTfix class/struct mismatches
123950DEFECTVisible area of cropped raster graphic (bitmap) changes when rotating
123964DEFECTmismatching symbol visibility causes link problems
123983DEFECTParticular picture cropped after copy / paste as GDI Metafile
123986DEFECT[ia2] charmap accessibility fails for code points beyond the unicode baseplane
123988DEFECTODF Interoperability: Hyperlink uses implicitly the style Internet_20_link, but not references it
123993DEFECT[sidebar]:In documents with Drawing Scale rotating objects (shapes, raster pictures, ...) shifts objects hundreds of cm away
124001DEFECT[IDL] Anchor property of css.sheet.Shape is readonly
124002DEFECTDrawObjects filled with metafile show content in wrong size
124008DEFECTlistbox entry's are selected automatically on mouse over instead of mouse click
124015DEFECTErrors in HTML files of SDK
124021DEFECTData range dialog is broken
124030DEFECTFailed to open ODT file exported from AOO with comment/annotation in original docx file
124033DEFECTCRASH when Insert>column in particular way in document with column break
124039DEFECTline ends in (new) inputfields
124045DEFECTLetter wizard not shown up
124058DEFECTWriter crashes when opening the attached file (2.docx)
124067DEFECTnaïve not in en-US dictionary, but is generated by autocorrect
124069DEFECTCRASH when copy chart
124073DEFECTendless recursion between AnimatedExtractingProcessor2D and BaseProcessor2D
124085DEFECTImage copied out of OpenOffice 4.0.1 (Writer, Calc and Draw) is corrupted when pasted into image editors
124086DEFECTbridge test fails when compiling testtools
124092DEFECTCrash testing "XML Filter Settings"
124095DEFECTMultiple IAccessible and IAccessible2 interface methods do not check for NULL pointer access, nor do they trap exceptions
124096DEFECTCRASH when page preview or close particular document
124106DEFECTdocx files created in Pages 5 are wrongly imported by AOO
124142DEFECTReplace pack list manager
124143DEFECTglue points on svg graphics are not read, when order in file format is first svg second png
124177DEFECTCRASH after Table Copy - Paste Special as RTF
124178DEFECTNew InputFields - Reopened file is corrupted if there is text after the InputField
124179DEFECTNew InputFields for UserFields don't update automatically
124188DEFECTCRASH when pasting grouped contents from Draw over a selected image
124197DEFECTLink button in Hyperlink Toolbar Works Only First Time in Document
124201DEFECTRe-enable Apple Remote Control for 64bit OSX
124224DEFECTchange installer images
124233DEFECTDifferent text rendering (word/character width) depending on zoom factor
124241DEFECTKazakh language incorrectly named as Kazak
124243DEFECTCan't enter data into input fields in protected sections
124269DEFECTmemory leak in drawinglayer's TextLayouterDevice::getTextArray()
124272DEFECTError message "Truetype error 2704" when install language pack on en_US snapshot
124294DEFECTCertain docs fails to start print job
124301DEFECTWhen --with-epm-url is used configure shouldn't check for system epm
124304DEFECTautotest fvt.gui.sw.table.TableGeneral fails for AOO 4.1-dev
124305DEFECTautotest fails for AOO 4.1-dev
124310DEFECTautotest fails for AOO 4.1-dev
124311DEFECTadapt product meta information (version number, ...)
124315DEFECTsimple bootstrap doesn't work
124338DEFECTCrash when opening ODF document containing combination of alphabetical index mark and bookmark at a paragraph
124357DEFECTUpdate bundled spellchecker for gd
124375DEFECTActive optional hyphens invisible in exported tagged-PDF on Mac
124392DEFECTCRASH when close particular document after having applied style
124427DEFECTmulti-line text control fields doesn't write into database
124442DEFECTMac and Java Oracle 1.7.0_51
124456DEFECTCrash on opening attachment from issue 114998
124474DEFECTInput fields do not show content in header/footer
124514DEFECTNo way to turn off highlighting of commented text range
29105DEFECTText in drawing objects distorted when using graphic as page background
50481DEFECTA short cut Ctrl-A works, but Edit - Select All is disable.
74854DEFECTMsgBox with info icon shows wrong buttons
123693DEFECTconst type qualifier on return type has no effect
124066DEFECTget rid of an extraneous parentheses in "if((A==B))"
123753DEFECTWaE: unoedhlp.hxx declaration of 'nId' shadows a member of 'this'
124216DEFECTPosition and Size values not updated timely after 'Drawing Scale' modification
121715TASKSupport 64bit JRE on MacOSX
122208TASKimprove compatibility with standard STL
122362TASKremove stlport4-build support
122365TASKremove dependency of the NSS/LIBXMLSEC modules to the Mozilla module
122853TASKTR1's single linked list doesn't have a size() method
123015TASKUpload Bulgarian (bg) to Pootle for 4.0
123068TASKremove implicit rtl::O*String conversions to char/utf-16 pointers
123228TASKAdaptions for building AOO 4.x on Solaris
123305TASKprovide new UpdateURL for AOO 4.1.0
123575TASKDrop Seamonkey provided address books
123623TASKRemove moz module
123634TASKRemove support from make_installer for merge modules.
123637TASKUpdate nss libraries to 3.14.4
123639TASKallow use of system nss library
123642TASKremove the obsolete Evolution-1.x address book support
123647TASKDrop ancient msvc*7x and msvc*80 dlls
123758TASKArrow heads with hole
123808TASKsupport alternative build tool locations on Mac
123860TASKBasque (eu) translation update for AOO 4.1
124127TASKUpdate bundled English (en-US and en-*) dictionary for OpenOffice 4.1
124194TASKupdate Spanish (es) translation update for AOO 4.1
124195TASKupdate Turkish (tr) translation update for AOO 4.1
124196TASKupdate Serbian (sr) translation update for AOO 4.1
124212TASKBundle Lithuanian (lt) dictionary in OpenOffice 4.1
124443TASKUpdate bundled German (de_*) dictionaries for OpenOffice 4.1.0
123755TASKreplace wrapping of stlport's hash_*::resize() method
123768TASK[ia2] remove noisy comments
123795TASKvariable names should not confuse vcl Windows and cocoa NSWindows
123865TASKassume X11 server is R6.1 or newer
124131TASKuse smart pointer's bool operator instead of comparing its content against NULL