package async

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Type Members

  1. class AsyncProducerConfig extends SyncProducerConfig with AsyncProducerConfigShared

  2. trait AsyncProducerConfigShared extends AnyRef

  3. class AsyncProducerInterruptedException extends RuntimeException

  4. class AsyncProducerQueueSizeStats[T] extends AsyncProducerQueueSizeStatsMBean

  5. trait AsyncProducerQueueSizeStatsMBean extends AnyRef

  6. class AsyncProducerStats extends AsyncProducerStatsMBean

  7. trait AsyncProducerStatsMBean extends AnyRef

  8. trait CallbackHandler[T] extends AnyRef

    Callback handler APIs for use in the async producer.

  9. trait EventHandler[T] extends AnyRef

    Handler that dispatches the batched data from the queue of the asynchronous producer.

  10. class IllegalQueueStateException extends RuntimeException

    Indicates that the given config parameter has invalid value

  11. class MissingConfigException extends RuntimeException

  12. class QueueClosedException extends RuntimeException

  13. class QueueFullException extends RuntimeException

  14. class QueueItem[T] extends AnyRef

Value Members

  1. object AsyncProducer extends AnyRef

  2. object AsyncProducerStats extends AnyRef