package message

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Type Members

  1. class ByteBufferBackedInputStream extends InputStream

  2. class ByteBufferMessageSet extends MessageSet with Logging

    A sequence of messages stored in a byte buffer

  3. trait CompressionCodec extends AnyRef

    attributes: sealed
  4. class CompressionFacade extends AnyRef

    attributes: sealed abstract
  5. class FileMessageSet extends MessageSet with Logging

    An on-disk message set.

  6. class GZIPCompression extends CompressionFacade

  7. class InvalidMessageException extends RuntimeException

    Indicates that a message failed its checksum and is corrupt

  8. class LogFlushStats extends LogFlushStatsMBean

  9. trait LogFlushStatsMBean extends AnyRef

  10. class Message extends AnyRef

    A message.

  11. class MessageAndMetadata[T](message: T, topic: String = "") extends Product

  12. class MessageAndOffset(message: Message, offset: Long) extends Product

  13. class MessageLengthException extends RuntimeException

    Indicates the presense of a message that exceeds the maximum acceptable length (whatever that happens to be)

  14. class MessageSet extends Iterable[MessageAndOffset]

    A set of messages.

  15. class SnappyCompression extends CompressionFacade

Value Members

  1. object CompressionCodec extends AnyRef

  2. object CompressionFactory extends AnyRef

  3. object CompressionUtils extends Logging

  4. object DefaultCompressionCodec extends CompressionCodec with Product

  5. object GZIPCompressionCodec extends CompressionCodec with Product

  6. object LogFlushStats extends Logging

  7. object Message extends AnyRef

    Message byte offsets

  8. object MessageSet extends AnyRef

    Message set helper functions

  9. object NoCompressionCodec extends CompressionCodec with Product

  10. object SnappyCompressionCodec extends CompressionCodec with Product