package consumer

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Type Members

  1. class Blacklist(rawRegex: String) extends TopicFilter with Product

  2. class ConsumerConfig extends ZKConfig

  3. trait ConsumerConnector extends AnyRef

    Main interface for consumer

  4. class ConsumerIterator[T] extends IteratorTemplate[MessageAndMetadata[T]] with Logging

    An iterator that blocks until a value can be read from the supplied queue.

  5. class ConsumerTimeoutException extends RuntimeException

  6. class ConsumerTopicStat extends ConsumerTopicStatMBean

  7. trait ConsumerTopicStatMBean extends AnyRef

  8. class FetcherRunnable extends Thread with Logging

  9. class KafkaStream[T] extends Iterable[MessageAndMetadata[T]] with Iterable[MessageAndMetadata[T]]

  10. class SimpleConsumer extends Logging

    A consumer of kafka messages

  11. class SimpleConsumerStats extends SimpleConsumerStatsMBean

  12. trait SimpleConsumerStatsMBean extends AnyRef

  13. trait TopicEventHandler[T] extends AnyRef

  14. class TopicFilter extends Logging

    attributes: sealed abstract
  15. class Whitelist(rawRegex: String) extends TopicFilter with Product

  16. trait ZookeeperConsumerConnectorMBean extends AnyRef

    JMX interface for monitoring consumer

  17. class ZookeeperTopicEventWatcher extends Logging

Value Members

  1. object ConsoleConsumer extends Logging

    Consumer that dumps messages out to standard out.

  2. object Consumer extends Logging

  3. object ConsumerConfig extends AnyRef

  4. object ConsumerTopicStat extends Logging

  5. object SimpleConsumerStats extends Logging

  6. package storage