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Apache stuff

One-Time Passwords (OTP) for Solaris and OSX
Check out orthus if you are interested in this topic. I recently completed the server-side support for running orthrus as a pam module, mainly for managing sudo privs at the ASF.
BATV + SRS support for ezmlm. DMARC too!
Pick up the details here and reconfigure your ezmlmrc file to have the script wrap all ezmlm commands that make use of the SENDER env var. Then regenerate all your ezmlm mailing list alias command files with ezmlm-make -+ -e and you're all set.
Letter to community@ (sig here) about the recent jira hack.
libapreq2 documentation
Anti-ddos utilities for linux + apache + mod_ssl
httpd-2.2.13 patch prepared by rpluem for linux-based servers
Perl script for emergency uses to investigate the ddos.
libapreq2-2.12 Released
March 13, 2009 libapreq2-2.12-RC2 promoted to a full release.

 % svn co libapreq2
 % svn co libapreq1


  1. HTTP/1.1 (errata)
  2. HTTP/1.0
  1. URI syntax (obsolete)
  2. URI syntax
  1. ARPA Internet Text Messages
  2. MIME part 1
  3. MIME part 2
  4. MIME part 3
  5. multipart/form-data
  6. Form-based file uploads
  1. Netscape Cookie Specification
  2. HTTP State Management Mechanism
  3. State Management, part 1
  4. State Management, part 2
form submission
  1. HTML Forms
  2. XForms
  3. Web Forms