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Customer Service: Navigating Rough Water
November 2001
Customer Service: Navigating Rough Water

Smoothing the Path

Customer satisfaction drives revenues. But good service demands more than good technology, it's a business process.

Getting Personal

Personalization engines help you target customers, but only if you choose the right tools for your site.

S T R A T E G Y :

Legal Code
Bret A. Fausett explains how, if your business needs to track intellectual property, setting up a system for digital rights management can save you countless hours.

Affiliate Marketing
New customers, new profit. Dan Gray shows you how to put a pay-for-performance system to work for your company.

Product Reviews
Imation Verify and E-Color

Product Reviews
ShoWiz ShoMaster

D E S I G N :

Integrated Design
Designers and programmers aren't so different, Molly E. Holzschlag says. So, stop pigeonholing employees.

User to User Support
Support communities take stress off your help lines, give you some control, and build brand loyalty. Derek M. Powazek shows you how to manage a support community effectively.

Product Reviews
The Hiser Group Element Toolkit

Product Reviews
Magenta Multimedia Magenta II

D E V E L O P M E N T :

Multilingual Methods
Al Williams shows you how to add live Webcams to your site and humanize your customer service with Visual C++.

Programming with Perl
Capture customer feedback with an XML-based survey processing script, courtesy of Randal L. Schwartz.

Classified Action
Ray Argus shows you how to post paid ads with PHP.

Product Reviews
Sitraka JClass Enterprise Suite 5.0

Product Reviews
Sapien Primalscript 2.2

I N F R A S T R U C T U R E :

At Your Server
A shared hosting environment dosen't mean you can't treat clients as if they were on dedicated servers. Jim Jagielski demonstrates two techniques on Apache.

Cellular Networking with CDPD
The wireless protocol Cellular Digital Packet Data (CDPD) may be just what your remote workers need, says Brian Jepson.

Product Reviews
Mac OS X Server

Product Reviews
VMware GSX Server 1.0

E N D   TO   E N D :

Home Page
By the end of the millennium, Web sites were supposed to be able to learn things about us and personalize pages on the fly. Editor in Chief Amit Asaravala looks at the future of intelligent personalization.

Webmaster's Domain
Lincoln D. Stein ponders, will Instant Messaging displace email, or will the industry kill the golden goose?

Eugene Eric Kim looks at Web Protocols and Practice.

Access: A Discussion with's Aaron Roth
Online customer service doesn't have to involve expensive CRM software and call centers. According to, all you have to do is listen.

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